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Regain and Keep Balance in the New Year

Will the Information Age Be the Death of Us?

Again and again I hear from clients their number one struggle is to find and keep balance in their lives.  The world, it seems, well conspires against this.  How did we come to feel everything is a matter of life and death?

Will the “Information Age” be the death of us?  We have an innate and integral rhythm, and it involves our bodies, minds and spirits.  That rhythm depends on a regular starting and stopping, to rest, recharge and well continue to move in alignment with the world we live in.

Ten Tips for Body, Mind and Spirit to Balance Your Whole

Here are “ten times three” tips to remind you to care enough to set yourself and your wellbeing as a priority to support and sustain balance in your life,a nd experience core healing and development “along the way”:


1.   Breathe deeply many times during the day

2.   Drink 8 glasses of water

3.   Eat eight ounces of protein or more

4.   Eat four or more servings of vegetables/fruits

5.   Sleep an average of eight hours/night

6.   Move your body an hour or more four to six times a week any way that engages you aerobically

7.   Get an hour of sunlight, on average, a day, as much as possible

8.   Stretch your body for five or more minutes a day

9.   Do a half-hour or more two to three times a week of strength training exercises

10.  Limit/eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol


1.    Read whatever interests you an average of a half-hour a day

2.    Express yourself creatively in whatever ways you enjoy at least once a day

3.    Meditate/engage in whatever activities allow you to feel your mind “zones” – “shuts down” – for at least an average of an hour/day

4.    Discuss whatever stimulates, fulfills and uplifts your mind with whoever you wish at least once a day

5.    Engage at least once a week in whatever activity you enjoy that also well engages your mind

6.    Learn something you didn’t know several times a week or more

7.    Review an area of interest you haven’t thought about lately at least once a month

8.    Solve a problem at least once a week

9.    Reorganize/clear clutter at least once a month in one or more areas you choose

10.  Plan and implement a chosen goal, on average, once a month or more 


1.    Unconditionally love and accept yourself

2.    Stop trying to fix or manage anyone else

3.    Have a sense of the divine as part of you and your life, however you authentically come to realize this

4.    Come to know and understand your own sense of integrity and higher power

5.    Commit to live your life from your highest sense of integrity and higher power, and to hold yourself accountable

6.    Forgive yourself through understanding with compassion how you behaved mistakenly and in lesser ways

7.    Forgive others through understanding with compassion how they behaved mistakenly and in lesser ways

8.    Unconditionally accept and fully express your feelings to yourself, viewing them as keys to greater understanding and insight, and your released higher power

9.    Admit and apologize for wrongdoing and make sincere amends through the guidance of your integrity

10.   Be grateful and acknowledge every day all that you have and receive in your life  

In Addition . . . S-T-O-P . . .

And, in your conditioned (or somebody else’s view!) stop long enough to feel you regain your rhythm, truly relax, and let go . . . every day for at least an hour or two – and this means during your waking moments!  You’re worth it, right – and the world will go on regardless – the key is, how you can go on with it.

I wish you a bright new year in balance and wholeness – Love always, Marjorie