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The Simple Key to Transformation

Meditate in Minutes

How is to Become a Being of Presence?

Meditation has been called a mindfulness practice.  I was recently asked what that means, and how we can most easily adapt this ancient art of presence, as I call it, for greatest benefits to better be in the world today.

I first found myself considering what I came to call Meditation Minutes.  Here are five key suggestions I invite you to try, each for one full minute, and see what transforms in yourself, your life, and your world. 

Five Meditation Minutes to Try

1.  Stand up, adjusting your body so that when you close your eyes, you feel very grounded and balanced, and place your hands on either side of your rib cage.  Take several full, deep breaths, and then let your hands drop comfortably to your sides as you continue to breathe easily and fully.

2.  Sit with your spine gently erect, feet planted fully on the floor, eyes closed, and count five full, deep, easy breaths to yourself – then as you continue breathing, say the phrase peace be repeatedly and rhythmically to yourself.

3.  Sit comfortably, spine gently erect and both feel equally planted fully on the ground before a table on which you have placed one flower in a small glass or vase in water.  Take several deep, cleansing breaths and gaze at the flower, continuing as needed to gently draw your attention back to the flower.

4.  Sit comfortably on a mat or carpet on the floor, placing a small pillow if needed under your buttocks so you remain comfortably supported, eyes closed, spine gently erect, legs crossed, hands resting in your lap with palms open and “crooked” in each knee.  Count ten full, deep, easy breaths to yourself.  As you continue this easy, automatic, rhythmical breathing, as you inhale say the word receive to yourself, and as you exhale say the word release to yourself. 

5.  Lay down so your body is gently and fully expanded, arms and legs a bit spread apart, eyes closed, and begin to breathe deeply and rhythmically until your breathing feels like it continues automatically in this easy, endless flow.  As you continue inhaling, say the phrase let be, and as you continue exhaling, say the phrase let go.

Willingness is the Center for Healing and Development

Now back to the question about the meaning of mindfulness.  To me it means being free, aware, emotionally, mentally and physically fully present, willing to allow and wholly choose, and willing to be. 

I invite you to journal, in an open, reflective state, your sense of the meaning of all these keywords.  Now you too understand through this experiment what it means to mindfully meditate.