How to Create Key Affirmations for Happiness and Success in the New Year
Three Short Transformational Steps in 2011 to Create the Life You Choose

How to Stop Being a Victim

How to Become Empowered in the New Year

Have you ever felt Like a victim?  What happens inside you when you feel this way?

I do a lot of central work in my practice with uncovering feeling like a victim and being able to transcend that sensation to feeling empowered. Here is a guide to being able to engage the real potential of this new year leaving any sense of victimization behind.

How to Successfully Treat Victimization

Common feelings that occur with seeing yourself as a victim are helplessness, powerlessness,  fear, anxiety, blame, guilt, resentment, and assumption.  These feelings always occur through incomplete stress responses and unhealed grief. 

They demand completion or will express themselves endlessly and covertly through related acting-out behaviors which will enhance and extend them all.  The key antidote is forgiveness and activating your endless power to choose through free and enlightened Will.

What are Your Inalienable Rights?

Make a list of what you honestly feel are your inalienable rights, as is stated in the Declaration of Independence.  Make this your declaration of independence from being enslaved and entangled in victimization.

Feeling like a victim sanctions aggression and violence, and removed responsibility and the wherewithal to love and create in life.  It sets the stage for addiction, and makes us lesser than our divine selves, removing real potential and motivation to develop ourselves.

A Key Brainstorming Exercise for Transformation

Adults are never victims.  Make another list of all your current problems, and then for each one, write everything you can possibly think of that a person with each problem could do to improve the situations. 

Begin the new year by committing to completely carrying out, each and every day of 2012, your last list.  Call these “Experiments for 2012”, and record, like Ben Franklin did, the specific results as your daily record of refusing to perpetuate being a victim.

Be Your Own Best Observer so You Can Actively and Successfully Create Your Heart’s Desires in Your Life

You have the power to recover from this dis-ease!  It is an act of courageously loving yourself.

Instead determine to become the observer and active participant of your unfolding life, and care for yourself enough to break out of your “box” of condition and conclusion – and see what happens!  We cannot access faith and hope when we feel like a victim.  When we call on Faith and Hope, we become one with the divine power to transform our lives, and love and better support those we care most for.