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Learn about women's spirituality and empowerment groups

 Learn about my monthly ongoing women's empowerment groups

Shamanic Goddess Outdoor Retreat July 25, 2015

Join a monthly ongoing women's spirituality group for self-healing and personal transformation.

  • Three small groups that have been meeting monthly for years now have openings. You'll experience a powerful opportunity to meet with a loving and supportive small group of "like-minded fellow travelers" and share in deepening spiritual connectedness, enhancing personal growth and transformation.
  • 1st group meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 7 to 9 pm, and focuses on experiencing Shamanic Journeying and Goddess (Divine Feminine) Practices.
  • 2nd group meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7 to 9 pm, and also focuses on many Centering Tools™ practices for self-healing and spiritual development.


Good morning Marjorie,

I went to sleep last night with peaceful thoughts;and awoke with peaceful thoughts.......reflecting on all the wonderful women and spirit friends I have come to know in group and you, of course, being the centerpoint; the living magnet that brings us together to be ever so vulnerable and free to shed our tears, our fears........its quite remarkable to partake; both to reflect, inject and watch transformation occur in front of my very own human eyes.  It's the light we do wish to see in the world; and it happens right here!I'm finding that life is so giving and profound on so many levels with its grand simplicity; such gifts to receive after struggling with so much loss.  Like they say;the joy does come back tenfold.  So, I'm wanting to take a moment, okay, a few express my gratitude for all you are in this life of mine; and to so many others that find a safe place in your practiceI wish you continued happiness, great health, good fortune and all the best of life in the New Year to come.  I thank you for clarity, for providing the tools I need to weed my garden; to help me unclutter my heart and my mind so that I hear every note of my symphonic life!  Bravo, my friend, bravo!   

Kathryn Hogan

Fee for each group session is $35, and includes all audios and materials.

Vision statement and overview of group structure will be sent upon request.

You may like to learn more about the groups. Email  Marjorie at, or phone: (585)-244-6210.

MasterCard/Visa/Discover, or Paypal also accepted.