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Do You Need a Miracle? Eight Ways to Ask for – and Get It

We Can All Receive and Perform Miracles

Are you desperate for a miracle?  Do you believe in miracles?  Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life?

A Rogers and Hammerstein musical revised on Broadway several years ago, The Flower Drum Song, had as one of its songs, titled, “A Hundred Million Miracles”.  All great myths, Bible stories, fairy tales, and real life experiences involve the designated hero or heroine somehow both performing and receiving miracles.

Eight Powerful Guidelines that Produce Miracles

When we feel smashed and hopeless in our lives, that all is lost, we look for a miracle.  Sometimes we miss miracles, or miss how to ask for, and receive them.  Here are eight guidelines to ask for – and best receive – many miracles, with accompanying examples listed from the great, timeless tales of our world.

1.  View and accept your birth, from inception to delivery, as a major miracle.  Equally view and accept that whatever miracle you wish to happen is another birth; and expect your innate sense of divine power will bring it to pass.  (example: the story of the birth of Isaac in the Bible)

2.  What do you most want to happen to transform the crisis you’re experiencing to a “happy ever after” story?  Define your goal in terms that specify how this will support the greater good.  (example:  Tolkien’s epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings)

3. Now define your goal in terms that specify how this will transform you into being a better, more evolved and aware person.  (example:  Moses in the Bible story of Exodus)

4.  List, on deeper reflection, your gut sense of what would have to be different in how you cope in your life in order for the miracle you wish for to occur.  (example:  Dorothy’s transformation in The Wizard of Oz)

5. With complete honesty, list whatever you are most afraid of, and accept that whether your fears do or don’t happen has nothing whatsoever to do with the real resolution; and that you can now commit to fully facing them as the key to receiving miracles.  (example:  Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter)

6.  Imagine yourself performing a miracle.  Take yourself through the entire visualized experience.  Who, what, where, when, why and how does this happen?  Ask your heart what is required of you to perform a miracle, and record the response.  (example:  Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings)

7.  List five or more miracles you have experienced in your life, and describe what about each one made it a miracle.  (example:  the passing of the Declaration of Independence at the Continental Congress)

8.  Let go of all expectation of how a miracle will occur.  “Turn it over” to your sense of the divine, and affirm your willingness to simply allow everything to unfold, however this occurs, and receive it with thanks.  (example:  the story of Jacob in the Bible) 

Whatever Produces Transformation and Spiritual Development is a Miracle

Now put this all together and determine your whole course of action, imagining you are the hero or heroine in the story of how the crisis resolves.  Particularly consider what qualities of inner strength are required and created throughout this experience, and ask yourself what you need to express and develop those qualities. 

Then ask your sense of the divine to give you the miraculous support to develop and sustain this inner strength.  Open yourself to transform, and have your life transform accordingly.