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Are You In A Relationship Crisis? Five Short Steps to Transcend This

Meet, Lose, Get as the Endless Cycle of Self-Healing and Transcendence

It used to be said in the heyday of making movies that all great movie scripts followed the same essential plot:  “Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl”.  I believe, minus the culturally conditioned sexism of this directive, that we are meant to experience relationship crises in our ongoing developing and healing, rich lives; and that the three stages of meeting, losing and getting what and who we want are necessary to experience core healing and development.

It would seem that destiny in this course has a rotten sense of humor, and is even sadistic.  We wouldn’t think of offering a baby something that is good for the baby and that the baby wants, only to suddenly take it away from the baby and somehow trust in who we might call “the universe” magically bringing it back at some surprising point in the future.  Yet this is the plot of common movie scripts, books, and our own “soap opera” lives.

Five Short and Life-Changing Steps You Can Take Through Completing These Questions that Bring Real Resolution

Ever wonder why?  Ever been in a relationship crisis where you surprised yourself at how you came through it knowing much more about yourself and the world that you knew before? 

Here are five short steps you can take to transcend a relationship crisis, provided you are willing to consider these questions alone, uninterrupted, and able to be in a reflective space without any preset agenda about what has to happen, as well as ditching any faulty belief system that screams at you that if it doesn’t happen, you won’t survive:

Five Transformational Paths to Personal Recovery

1.  Get it that you and the other person are whole, equal, multidimensional human beings with a full range of emotions, potential, and personal will and power to choose.

2.  Accept you can’t know, nor can anyone else, what will happen through this crisis, nor what the real outcome will be, so don’t try to find out – instead, be willing to be patient enough to trust that you have the capacity to find your way to wherever the real resolution is for you.

3.  Ask yourself in a detached, greatly present meditative state what would need to happen in order for you to also come to a sense of profound inner peace; and listen to however your sense of your “still, small voice” responds; and record the answer(s) so you can refer to them again and again throughout your process for guidance and affirmation.

4. Assess how you’re taking care of yourself, and determine what is necessary that you provide and be fully responsible for to provide for your fundamental needs throughout this time.

5.  Spend some time journaling in completing the following sentences – I’m most afraid that . . .

                                                                                                                  If I don’t get . . . (what will happen?) 

                                                                                                                  (the other person) has to . . .

                                                                                                                   The real reality is (include answering who, what, where, when, why and how,      

                                                                                                                   and read through all these answers

Tune In to Your Real Gut Sense, and Courageously Commit to Follow This Profound Therapeutic Guidance

Now imagine you can ask what I call “your gut”, also called your “still small voice within”, how you can set yourself free - and what is the best and right choice for you - and record your sense of what your “gut” tells you.  This is your soul’s path of transcendence, and where the real resolution to your relationship crises lies.

We can only wholeheartedly and willingly participate in relationships that work for everyone involved.  We also are meant to experience relationships that offer us critical opportunities to stretch enough to centrally heal and develop.  However we choose in relationship, what we may call “the universe” as the divine source keenly holds us to these directives, offering faith and trust that we have the power to creatively find our way. 

I wish you well on these pivotal journeys, and all the teaching you wish to in turn be of service to others similarly struggling and yearning for redemption.  Namaste, Marjorie