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Find Out What Really Matters

These Peaking Times Centrally Challenge Us to Decide What Really Matters

We live in strange times – times that are intense, different, fast-changing.  In such times we can be supremely challenged to find out what really matters to us.

When we know that we are able to supremely fight for it, profoundly change to adapt to the most challenging or circumstances, and most importantly, become inspired to create something better than we’ve ever known, as well and BECOME better than we ever thought we would be capable of becoming.  Finding out what really matters clarifies and fundamentally allows the universe to support who we truly are and what we are truly capable of.

Ten Tips to Reveal What Really Matters to You

Here are ten Centering Tools tips to discover what really matters to you:

1.  Settle back into a deeply meditative state by first making sure you’ll be alone and uninterrupted for ten minutes, closing your eyes, stretching your body comfortably and easily, and taking several full, cleansing breaths, imagining you can call your own free spirit to you – what happens?

2.  Now imagine an indestructible force sweeps over you and your life removing everything . . . then you somehow understand that you can pick just one thing that is more valuable to you than anything else to keep . . . what comes back to you?

3. Consider you are dying – we all are – and have no idea when your life will be over – then list ten goals you feel you have to achieve before you die.

4.  Now imagine you are the judge after you die of what you have accomplished throughout your life – of how your life has mattered to you and all others you have connected with on any level; and evaluate accordingly.

5.  List five things you know you are best meant to commit to, and five things you know you are responsible for, in two separate columns side by side on a piece of paper, and describe a short plan to accomplish them within the foreseeable future; making sure to read across the lines between these two columns, additionally recording any insights which occur.

6.  Complete the following sentence as extensively as you possibly can: “ If there were nothing getting in the way right now, I would . . . “

7.  Over the course of the next two weeks, watch these three movies, journaling your thoughts and feelings about each of them:  Back to the Future, Groundhog’s Day, and Rocky.

8.  Imagine that a small angelic, keenly insightful child whom you love more than anything else in the world asks you what you know about sacred love – how do you answer?

9.  Picture your fully developed self living your life being completely fulfilled and actualized in all ways – describe fully this experience.

10. Ask yourself, What do I accept in my heart of hearts?  What don’t I accept and understand in my heart of hearts I will never accept?

Now You Can Supremely Work with Higher Choice and Power for Happiness and Success

You have fully identified what really matters to you, and who and what you really are.  When we can freely express ourselves according to our own true integrity, we then become free to create a life of happiness, peace and tremendous personal power.

We can overcome all obstacles and rise above the most terrible crises.  We can wholly exist in a center of peace and clarity, and extend this light center to heal and empower the world.