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Projecting the Great Shift: 2012

Great and Fundamental Global Shifts Offer Corresponding Results

The current blockbuster movie  2012 tells a well-predicted story going back to such ancient civilizations as the Mayans warning that the world will literally turn upside down in order to, like the myth of the Great Flood, cleanse and create new space for humans to “start again” from a caring and evolved state of aware spiritual consciousness.  As we come to the end of 20o9 and are poised to enter the upcoming “double digit” decade that is a mere two years away from this cataclysmic prediction, we  need to take stock of not only who we are as individuals and within the communities in which we live, but what is fundamentally changing in our world.

One doesn’t need to particularly believe or not believe in ancient predictions to acknowledge that the world continues to more and greatly and foundationally shift.  Mounting global problems with threatened systems breakdowns involving economics, health care, and ecology, among others, with no “quick fixes” in sight presents like a universal cloud that both stops clarity and being able to draw upon what has worked before in this dawning New Age.

Finding Our Way In a New Time Toward a New Age

Is this the end of the world as we know it?  Is this a new time of spiritual awakening and enlightenment of human response and awareness?  How can we find our way in this amorphous cloud of not knowing on any level toward what seems to be a completely changed world?

There are ongoing givens that are crucial for us to draw upon in these  both crumbling and opportune times which include the infinite power of love, choice and visioning.  Dare to ask yourself, after entering a deeply reflective state, the following questions, holding your focus long enough to hear whatever responses come from your own sacred center:

These Questions Invite Your Own Transformational Shift

1.  What does the word love mean to you?

2.  How able are you to access your innate power to choose?

3.  What are your heartfelt visions for the world?

4.  What are your heartfelt visions for yourself?

5.  Do those visions match?  If not, why not, do you think?

6.  How is it for you to accept the fact that you are meant to die?

7.  How is it for you to accept the fact that you can never know what will happen, and still have the power to be fully present in the world?

The Next Step Towards Spiritual Completion

Seven is a mystical number in many cultures, from ancient to present times.  It also happens to be the number of notes that make up the entire musical scale, from which all things are played.  In numerology it is described as the number of spiritual completion through multidimensional creation and evolution.

Ask your inner sacred center to reveal to you its sense of what the “next step up” would be for the world in activating consciousness and creating accordingly.  Consider if this is could also be the next step for you.  Record your impressions.

Only One Caring Consciousness Survives Us All

In the movie 2012 the most critical theme comes not from the truly spectacular special effects showing the world being largely destroyed through the poles shifting, but from the key scientist telling the survivors of this global cataclysm that a true new world can only occur and permanently survive with a central humanitarian focus - “all for one and one for all”.  This requires unconditionally and universally accepting that what happens to whoever is perceived by whatever standard is described as the “least” of us must be the same as whatever happens to whoever is perceived by whatever standard is described as the “greatest” of us.

Our real Great Shift involves a full recognition that in order to survive we must truly come together as one, and to trust that we really do have the capacity to stretch to correspondingly activate and live our lives accordingly.  There are no “have’s” and “have not’s” – there are only all “have’s” or all “have-not’s” – meaning we really do sink or swim together, whether we like it or not.  Remember we all, as our Declaration of Independence stated over over two hundred thirty years ago, have equal and inalienable rights – the same.

Find and Become the Divine Expression

It is interesting to note that when the word “Goddess” is pronounced we hear God-Us.  Can we also, then, stretch enough in response to these fundamental global crises to come to a new level of thoughtful understanding and inspired direction to say unequivocally that we all equally carry and express within ourselves our own unique infinite capacity to be and extend in creating the divine consciousness?

It has been said this is the dawning age of Aquarius, the astrological sign associated with the full birth of humanitarian awareness and a correspondingly-experienced world.  For us living in a violent, fragmented, diseased, impoverished, broken society where we can, in a moment, tear each other apart with the slightest of excuses, this represents a seemingly-impossible nirvana of enlightenment, peace, safety, freedom and ease.

Your Saving Grace

Do we dare hold fast to this vision, predicted by the Mayans, as the foundation and expression of the Great Shift?  Do we courageously live our daily lives within our full capacity and scope seeking to learn and experiment with love, choice and vision as the transformational elements of survival and growth?

This double-digit year is fast upon us.  Coming full circle to what is only stated in the briefest and most incomplete of terms from an ancient, lost culture may just inspire us to find our way to become, and therefore offer, our own best Saving Grace.  So fire away – take your stock, so to speak, and run and create yourself and the world you live in as a new and fundamentally caring universe.  We are none of us powerless, and can view these times as, through what is breaking down, offering genuine space to become who we really are.