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A Thanksgiving Exercise

Thanksgiving Reflections: Gratitude and Abundance

Thanksgiving is here again - I hope you're able to enjoy the best parts of this holiday while mitigating all the stress it can come with.

Admidst all of the business of this holiday, I hope you can lend a few minutes thinking about being grateful. Missing this opportunity the holiday affords us to identify what we're all so fortunate to have (and not have) can be spiritually and costly. But with all the practical aspects of the cooking, planning, shopping, and socializing, it's easy for us to forget how to isolate the basic idea behind Thanksgiving as a celebration of "being thankful." How can we take a step back and honor this, though?

There are many ways, but through my holistic practice and my own spirituality I start with the saying that "the universe may not be just, but it is exact." What do you think this means? Let's discuss together I think it means that the elements of a particular result have to balance (that is, equal out). If you can become aware of this through your own life, then it enables you to more readily identify what you should be grateful for. The more you able you are to pick out how two (seemingly) separate events equal out, the more abundant and rich your life will be.

Over thousands of years, the world's religious and spiritual developments have invoked this vision (or tried to) for so many people. To teach someone how to be compelled to give thanks for another or to another is one of the most basic pillars of the "good life" - one filled with opportunity and abundance.

Gratitude creates abundance

Why this formula? Gratitude is a heartfelt, self-initiated response of appreciation and acknowledgement. It occurs serendipitously through experiencing any situation for which one feels compelled to thank another.

This could be in the form of a higher power, an external environment, oneself, etc. To give, then, is to correspondingly receive. It is an act that produces expansion of the Self and the energetic space one occupies, thus allowing what wants to come in, in the loving, grateful spirit of the space that has been opened, to enter.

The "catch" is to have no agenda attached to the giving, or gratitude. It is enough to simply allow yourself to be grateful. Gratitude is one of the major purposes behind all prayer. It is prayer in the form of gratitude, then, that literally, at an energetic level, lifts us up to a higher level of being and correspondingly, a higher level of experience. Practical tips to start giving thanks Here's how you get started with giving thanks to create spiritual, emotional, and physical abundance: Every day spend a few minutes in a deeply meditative state focusing on what you are, in a most heartfelt way, truly grateful for.

Start with what you have experienced in that day that supports your survival, such as being safe, nurtured, supported, and sustained. Examples could be: being grateful for the food that you ate, the water that you drank, that you're free of acute or chronic diseases the bed you slept in, the kindness others showed you, and so forth. Other kinds of examples could include acknowledging what didn't happen. So you might be grateful for not being the target of spousal abuse, not being a victim of robbery not being a victim of bodily trauma from an accident While it's not pleasant to think about these things in many ways, it's also true that acknowledging that they did not happen in our past can go a long way towards being grateful.