Healing Meditation Exercise I
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Change Your Life Through The Power of Inner Assertiveness: A Journaling Exercise


Inner Assertiveness is the Key to Assertive Response In the World

In order to stand up for ourselves in the world we experience we must be able to stand up for ourselves in the center of our being.  This “inside track” as I call it, has its own set of requirements, and is not so well understood as the typical list of how to be assertive in your daily life.

How we think and feel about ourselves is how we’re able to respond.  Assertiveness requires courage.

The Technique

Ask yourself, in a relaxed, reflective state, how you define courage.  Then record your answer.

Consider whether you feel you live your life courageously.  Can you think of ten times in your life when you remember being courageous?

Credit Your Courageous Choices

Briefly describe those experiences.  Now review your list, and above it, write the title, Courageous Choices I Have Made.

Now on a separate sheet of paper, draw a small circle in the center and write the word courage inside it.  Then draw a very large circle around the small one that pretty much covers the rest of your paper.

Experience Your Power to Choose Courageously This Moment

Once more, settle back into a relaxed, reflective state, and consider what courageous choices you could make in every area of your life.  Briefly list each choice wherever you feel like putting it somewhere inside the larger circle.

Now take a few minutes and view your diagram, and then record whatever insights occur.  You have come up with a powerful inner directive to courageously transform every area of your life through assertive choice making.

You have but one practical challenge left – to commit to carrying out each action, each day of your amazingly unfolding life.  Stand back and be ready to receive the many short and long-term miracles that will then occur, and congratulate yourself – you’ve earned them!