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The Power of Letting Go Times 10

Let Go

I call it the most essential recovery piece, given our cultural woundedness, for integrative healing.  Here are, in no particular order, my top 10 results of being willing to let go:

1.   You disentangle

2.   You transcend power struggles

3.   You evolve

4.   You have proof that you can - and do - survive

5.   You separate from your wounded ego

6.   You free your intuition and tremendous authentic spirit to well advise you

7.   You take a breather

8.   You experience a different universe

9.   You experience reality beyond agenda

10.  You are fully present in mindfulness

The How-to

B-R-E-A-T-H-E.  Settle back now, open your body's position so your body is free from tension, relaxed and supported, and begin counting ten (today's magic number) full, deep, easy breaths.

Now say . . . each and every time you inhale . . . this phrase . . . let be . . . each and every time you exhale . . . let go.

Experience . . . detachment.  Float, in the endless, opening space of your free consciousness, en-joy . . .

To Shift

Slowly, easily return to full, waking consciousness, and open your eyes.  Now, continuing to enjoy this space you've created of being detached, write in your own journal the above "top ten" list, changing all the "you's" to "I's" - and then go back and complete each sentence through your present experience of letting go.

Then choose, as you are moved, in any and all aspects of your present life with whatever corresponding challenges are occurring.  See what happens, and resolve to once a day - or more! - let go.