Podcast 1: hypnosis, company history, and "meditation minute"
Being Present – No Matter What

Podcast Episode 1 Outline

Podcast Episode 1 Outline

Main Feature: Questionnaire

If someone asked you what makes your holistic practice, Centering®, unique, what would you say in response?  Assume the questioner is not overly familiar with the self-help, alternative medicine, and/or holistic health industries but shows great interest in them.

What are some of the main reasons you can attribute to the overall continued growth of your holistic practice?

At a very practical level, what should the average Joe expect during his first interaction with you?

Let us move on now to your Women’s Spirituality and Memoir Writing Groups because they represent a unique facet of Centering® Tools.  In terms of a person’s needs, what kind of person would benefit from your Women’s Spirituality Group?  Along the same lines, what kind of person would benefit from your memoir writing group?

What concerns, if any, do you have with the self-help, metaphysical, and/or nursing approaches?  How effective is each approach in prompting a healing response for any person concerned about trauma (physical or mental) stress, or disease?  If you don’t have any concerns about these approaches, then feel free to tell us why you think they are sound practices.

Some people tend to think of hypnosis as something that is practiced on a bunch of kids at a graduation party, or on some poor sap that is eventually made to think he is a dog.  Can you clear up some of these misconceptions for us?  Can you tell us what hypnosis is to your clients?  How does hypnosis help them and why do you think you continue to receive increased requests for hypnosis?

What is women’s empowerment all about?  What is the relationship between women’s empowerment and women’s spirituality?

Tip of the Day

Listen to your feelings!


Meditation Minute

This section will essentially show how the tip of the day – to listen to your feelings – can be implemented in anyone’s life via a guided meditation