The Power of Letting Go Times 10
Podcast Episode 1 Outline Podcast 1: hypnosis, company history, and "meditation minute"

We're done with our first podcast!  This episode included tons of information about the history of Centering (R), how clients have benefited from hypnosis and guided meditation, and the relationship between spirituality and women's empowerment.

And of course, we included a free exercise in our "meditation minute" feature. 

Now, you can either download the mp3 recording of the podcast below (**make sure you right click on the link and hit "Save Target As" to save the file to your desktop) and listen to it on any audio media program (e.g., Windows Media Player) or get the outline of the show here.

Always remember to email us for any technical problem or suggestion. 

You can download the episode as an MP3 below:

Download podcast 1.mp3 (44966.3K)