Hypnosis For Healing – Benefits and A How-to Guide
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Ten Truths About Life

Here is my “cut to the chase” list that my life has brought me to know and access, as the foundation by which I understand and respond in my life as I move ever-so-rapidly toward my 60th birthday.  I am moved in these intense, accelerated times to offer it as my summer gift to you at this halfway time through this pivotal year.  May it bring its own bright, unfolding light.

1.   There is no control – it is a delusional word that is a poor, infantile substitute for what is really worth devoting your life to attaining:

  • personal power
  • freedom to choose
  • heightened awareness
  • the ability to be freely, wholly present, and spiritually partner with your unfolding experience

2.   There are never, ever any guarantees – however, there is always available the opportunity to envision.

3.   Love is a given that can only enter a free, unencumbered space in which it can be present.

4.   We can only successfully partner with those with whom we are on a like-minded vibrational wavelength.

5.   Life requires that we live it on its terms, for it is greater than we are.

6.   The central requirement for mind-body healing is to stay fully, unconditionally present with your feelings.

7.  If you’re not equally letting go with whatever you’re keeping – holding on to – you cannot be in any core state of balance.

8.   We are all equal, with equal power.

9.   Throughout our life we are challenged to experience successive, progressive levels of expanding maturity.

10. When we feel stuck, it is a signal of incomplete grieving.