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Assert and Accept in the Great Circle of Being – Finding An Authentic and Inalienable Space of True Belonging

Overcoming the Hard Core Foundation of Identity Crisis

I attended a planning committee for a local group of natural health practitioners over the weekend and once again reflected, after the off-agenda, extended discussion that ensued about what to name it, on how little-supported we are in our culture to be fully present and accepted in our own space of belonging.  We really don’t know who we are and what we are in our world, so it’s no wonder we don’t easily allow another the right we can’t give ourselves.

This can lay a pretty hard core foundation of identity crisis, which profoundly sets the stage for everything from violence to racism.  In my work I hear again and again clients’ complaints that they are hopelessly stuck with being unable to accept or even know who they are, blaming and feeling victimized,  experiencing unsolved challenges to forgive, and engaging in ongoing power struggles. 

How to Experience and Express Your Real Identity

Like the end of The Ugly Duckling  fairy tale, we do have our authentic and right identity, it is real and meant to reflect and shine to ourselves and the world who we are and what we are, and we perfectly “fit” in our great circle of belonging.  In that wonderful story by Hans Christian Anderson, the hero as the labeled “ugly duckling” struggles against a wrong label thrust upon him by the society he found himself in as an unrecognized swan.

Fortunately for the character, he is ultimately outcast from that blaming circle, which gives him the critical opportunity to surprisingly see who he really is and where he really belongs.  He and his newfound “mate” live happily ever after, supported, affirmed, asserting and accepting who they are and what they are in a fully reflecting and affirming universe.

You Have a Sacred Place of Being

There is a place for everyone.  Everyone is meant to be accepted and invited to share who they are and what they are in a greater circle of mutual respect and belonging.  What would the world be like if we could finally fit over our respective I’s/eyes clear, strong lenses that made sure we saw each other and affirmed each other in this way? 

We could not violate anyone in such a great circle of belonging, nor would we allow anyone to violate us, or tell us we were something we weren’t.  If such an attempt were made, we would easily and definitively assert ourselves, coming from a center of profound identity and self-acceptance.

Honor All Diversity as Expanding Perceptions

Prejudice, racism and denying in any way another’s innate, equal and common humanity would disappear like the dinosaurs.  Instead we would welcome and appreciate each other’s core beauty, equal power and unique and sharing gifts. 

Power struggles would disappear, and the world would bear its great fruit of welcoming the diverse and great gifts we all yearn and are meant to share for everyone’s betterment and well-being.  I imagine the phrase, “All for one”  as the new language of an endlessly loving, abundant universe – coming from a spiritual understanding that we are all unique and common expressions of the divine, that we are all part of the Source and can well and rightly express infinite power – and freely, wholly create with it from a center of loving to give to the common good.

Meet the Challenge to Trust Yourself and Act Accordingly

We can only assert ourselves when we know and affirm ourselves as spiritual beings of multidimensional, aware consciousness, who are well capable of expressing divine power because we identify ourselves as being able to take full responsibility for it, particularly its outcomes.   All that you yearn for regarding love represents your real challenge to assert and accept yourself, trusting (always the great recovery challenge) that your unknown vision will lead you into your great circle of inner belonging.

That is the magic, transformational portal that will offer enough power and courage to lead you to your corresponding outer circle of fulfillment, right relations, creative appreciation, abundance and true joy.  Higher, extended balance results and real miracles occur.  

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