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Valentine's Day Magic

How to Return to Love and Being Loved

We are only capable of truly loving when we unconditionally love ourselves and all others as being part of the same divine union.  On this Valentine’s Day 2009, when the world is full of peaking global crises, can we dare return to an inviolate space to love and be loved?

Love has to be balanced, which means giving and receiving.  Love can only be of itself as itself, which presents as a circle without end in which all things are equally held.

A Short List to Bring Love

Here are my top 10 keys to endlessly, magically returning yourself and your experience to a circle of love:

1.  Go to (in this weather, perhaps!) an indoor playground that appeals to you, and play there.

2.  (of course) Eat chocolate – anything.

3.  Write yourself a love letter.

4.  Write whoever you’ve loved in your life – pick one person, or see who comes to mind! – a love letter.

5.  Commune with your body for a few focused moments to communicate to any and all parts how much you love and appreciate it – remember, love is unconditional or it’s not love.

6.  Spend fifteen minutes fantasizing how it would be for you to exist without your ego, and record what happens.

7.  Spend fifteen minutes fantasizing picking three wishes that completely come true – then journal about how you more greatly come to love through experiencing each of these three wishes.

8.  Make a list of twenty things you have wanted to do for a long time but haven’t, and then pick one thing and make a plan to do that – AND DO IT.

9.  Go stuffed animal shopping and buy yourself your top pick – then sleep with it.

10. Spend a full twenty minutes listing everything you’ve ever had and experienced in your life that you’re grateful for, and another ten minutes slowly reading through and savoring the list – then say, “I received all of this, and much more”, to allow the universe to give you even more in the days ahead.

It Lasts Forever

Happy – lifelong – experimenting!  Remember, this list lasts forever, and can be endlessly worked and reworked, for more and greater results.

Valentine’s Day is the only real day we are meant to experience in reality, whether we call that perpetual day by that title or not, in which we can be fully present to love and be loved, as is our right and divine directive.  As spiritual beings of multidimensional consciousness, we open in that inviolate universe, spread our light wings and soar, free and whole again.