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It Doesn’t Last Forever

Renewing Your Self

We Choose Our Lifetimes

Yes, it’s been awhile since my last blog entry.  A lot has happened (what else is new?) in my life, well synchronizing with all that is happening in the world.  And you?????

I think it’s a safe spiritual assumption that, as I believe we choose the date, time and place of our particular earthly incarnations to best meet our own particular choices for central healing and development through the course of a well-lived life, so have we all volunteered at a soul level to be present at this particular time of great shifting, challenges, and opportunities to restructure ourselves along better and higher lines on the earth plane now.

Renewal Through the Myth of the Phoenix

So we are correspondingly experiencing national and global crises.  How about personal ones?

I saw in the January 17-23, 2009 issue of The Economist, above President Obama’s face, the headline, “Renewing America”.  That headline for me described a personal vision that extended to a national one.  What about the personal translation of that, however meaningful to you, as “Renewing Yourself”?  Does that now resonate with you?

The spiritual vision of renewal is metaphorically presented through the flight and significant stages of the mythical bird, the phoenix, said to rise from the ashes of its own death for the purpose of renewal.  This theme figures prominently with the celebratory stories of Judeo-Christian holidays that, it is said, emerge from the roots of the Spring Equinox, the marking of perfect balance between light and dark in the world.  Both Passover, as the story of the emancipation of slavery and the return of they who were called by God as The Chosen Ones to the Promised Land, played out as well as The Last Supper; and Easter, as the story of the resurrection of God descended as man, who dies and reappears as the personal, perfect union with the divine, describe the availability to us of spiritual renewal. 

Ask Yourself These Questions

So in this season of renewal against the backdrop, like these two great spiritual myths, of current global crises, what is your unfolding path of renewal?  I’ll share mine.  It includes the impending death of my elderly aunt and the circle of unending love her four grown children, their spouses and her grandchildren so staunchly and unendingly continue to create, to sustain her and them through this profound rite of passage.  It includes the impending birth of my twin grandchildren against the backdrop of family crises, new faith, and taking each day as it comes.  And more, so much more, related stories . . .

Do you think this too is your time of renewal in this brilliant spring?  If you could ride the wave of birthing light as a metaphor for healing and development, how would you wish to experience this journey?  And to what end?

We Can Be Response-able in the Unfolding Present as Our Place of Personal Power

The great paradox is, of course, we really don’t know the end of our life’s journeys.  We really don’t even know what’s around the next bend.  But that doesn’t stop us from ascertaining our innate sense of how to respond – otherwise known as taking response-ability – in the unfolding present.  That is the only way we can access our spiritual power to create and well participate in the world in which we find ourselves.

Daring to express and, through expressing, more greatly know your feelings is the key to accessing this power.  So settle back, take several deep, cleansing breaths, and, as you so naturally and progressively enter this deeper meditative space you have now created for yourself, ask yourself how you feel.

Your Body Can Well Speak to You from Its Places of Great Wisdom

Imagine asking yourself how your heart feels?  As you listen and receive whatever comes up inside you by way of response, record it.

Then ask yourself how your stomach feels?  Listen, receive, and record as described and directed above.

Now note whatever your mind is saying in as much detail as you can.  Then read through all you have written. 

You Can Discover, as the Roots Reveal Themselves to You, Your Core Faulty Belief Systems

Consider whether it all “matches up”, or seems to integrate and well-synchronize together.  If it doesn’t, you have just revealed to yourself the script of faulty believe systems stemming from unhealed inner woundedness.

You have the power to free yourself from this place of resultant slavery, and then to return to the promised land of spiritual belonging, called in the Bible the “land of milk and honey”.  We can only experience abundance as an external reflection of the abundant, loving and safe space we can create for ourselves.

Returning to Our Center Becomes Our Space of Renewal

This is our space of renewal, our center.  It truly is but a breath or two away, fully available as we let go of whatever, for whatever reason, we have found ourselves attached to, dictated by core fears.

Core fears are in and of themselves delusional.  Because they are delusional, we don’t have the power, and it never works anyway, to argue ourselves out of our core fears.

These Guided of Self-Help and Rebirth

Courageously admitting our deepest fears to ourselves and describing them fully, including all related sensations to them, and most importantly, body sensations, moves us into a direct healing cycle.  If we can allow whatever is released to simply run its organic course and carry our consciousness right along with it, we will experience the healing gifts that are offered.

That is my heartfelt wish for you in this season of renewal.  It is most primarily and extensively what I focus on as I work with clients, offering the transformational self-help and healing tools of relaxation, meditation, visualization, guided meditation, hypnotherapy, regression, and journaling as caring, indestructible, self-renewing guides.