Renewing Your Self
The Challenge Against Assertiveness

It Doesn’t Last Forever

Death is the Right Partner to Greatly Live Our Lives

Since my husband of 18 years died suddenly of undiagnosed coronary artery disease in 1989, I have felt death peering over my shoulder.  It feels quite right as a partner in how I choose to live my life, and oddly comforting, like a missing piece making a circle complete. 

That being said, when death literally comes knocking at the doorstep of my daily life, it remains profoundly rattling.  I have been close to death, dancing with death day by day these recent weeks through my extended family, doing energy work, both hands-on and telepathic to support and smooth the innate transition while riding the tidal emotional wave of my own intense grief and continuing to surprisingly live all the rest of my life in exquisite paradoxical order.

Only Love Matters

I am struck again how only love matters as I witness children, grandchildren, cousins, in-laws say their final good-byes and simply stay to be fully present to witness and support the life that is slipping away, moment by moment, day by day.  Of course, this is true for all our lives, subtly, relentlessly slipping away.  Only love lasts, unperturbed about physical endings and about the infinite void of sadness and fear surrounding them. 

When we’re really, really pushed, all we come to is our desire to share and express and be with love, to pass love on as the greatest of gifts, as all we have and are.  We are gentle, full of compassion and simplicity in these times, uncaring as to outcomes – they don’t matter – with no expectations.

You Can Release Attachment to More Greatly Be

We really do know how to live our lives and how to relate to each other.  We really do know how to be fully present in each and every moment, and to release attachment in order to more greatly be.

How can we stretch this greatest of gifts of awareness and spiritual power to most highly choose responses into the more mundane events of our lives?  We must create space to do this, and that requires spacing our lives, honoring our basic rhythm of participation, both within and outside of ourselves, and breathe.

Receive the Simple Gift of Transcending for Greater Wholeness

It is a simple gift and a simple answer to spend a brief time every day meditating to regain greater capacity to let go and let be, and access the miraculous power to transform our lives by being fully willing to be fully present.  Here is how I define meditating in this context:  Moving your full focus to letting go of external reality, synchronize completely with the open, flowing rhythm of your even, full breath, and being in the space of no-thing.

Give yourself a break from all that breaks up your ability to respond – “response-ability”.  Allow your body, mind and spirit to quite easily and naturally and integratively come together to support your greater emerging wholeness.  How else can you truly live your life?

Love Extends Its Own Shining Hand

It doesn’t last forever, but paradoxically, the love extends beyond and beyond.  It offers us its own shining hand so we can recover our great power to transcend and touch further than we are, in order to more greatly come together. 

So . . . breathe in, breathe out . .  Count five full, deep, easy breaths to yourself, and then say “receive . . . release . . . receive . . . release” to experience the gift of perfect balance and extend the high resurrected light wave of this Spring Equinox.