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Centering Tools website: preview the new version

In an effort to optimize your experience with our website, we will be offering viewers a chance to interact with a new version of this website.  The new version is designed with you in mind: it will feature a higher contrast setting (between the text and the website background), larger fonts, and an updated organizational scheme.

If you are interested in previewing this new development, then you may start whenever you want.  Two things:

  • until the testing and development phases are over, functionality cannot be absolutely guaranteed.  If you experience any technical difficulty, we'd recommend simply going back to the current iteration by typing in your browser's window.
  • we will be using a feature of Google Analytics called the website optimizer to test the preview version against the current version; private information is not collected and with respect to privacy there is nothing new to worry about - we stick by our privacy policy and our commitment to respecting your wishes