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Surviving Global Crises

We Must Acknowledge Global Threats

It’s everywhere, in all communities, all over the country and the world, as we hear more and more about global crises with threatened environmental, financial, housing, and health care collapse, ongoing wars with no end in the foreseeable future, and severely challenged leadership.  The world and its systems are profoundly and irrevocably changing.

I say good riddance.  We can no longer afford to struggle to survive in a world of have’s and have not’s, and correspondingly sanctioned violence without consequence.  Greed doesn’t wear well, and we’re too environmentally compromised to squander and hoard in infantile addictions.  The truth of the matter is, the world has become so much smaller, and it’s time to face the fact that we sink or swim together, whether we like it or not.  The current political climate significantly speaks to this.

Rise to the Challenge to Become a New Pioneer

Despite all these challenges I sense new hope to create in very different ways what will much more effectively and efficiently provide for our legitimate needs, and call on all our authentic capabilities to be of service to each other and the greater world we live in, as stewards.  It is time to grow up and acknowledge that we have no template from which to proceed in our time.  We are meant to be new pioneers, and take responsibility for all our choices and the consequences they produce for everyone affected.

New belief systems can produce new and enlightened results.  Here are my top ten foundational directives to “get” from which we can build a global house that will truly shelter and provide for us all from a real place of security and support:

Top 10 directives to build security and support

  1. We all die – therefore, our only real choice is to be as fully present, honest, aware, and correspondingly and wholly responsive with ourselves and each other as possible
  2. There are no guarantees in life – just opportunities to determine and implement creative, aligned experiments with reality
  3. There are no adult victims – instead, we have infinite capacity to observe and actively participate in our own multidimensional, organic process of transformation, which is all we can offer another
  4. We have no power over each other – we are all equal and share the same innate spirit
  5. All feelings demand acknowledgment and the willingness to listen without judgment
  6. Our bodies need to be well cared for and honored, recognized for their real capability and protected against the toxic dumping which occurs through unhealed grief and stuck emotions, coupled with resistance to change
  7. Love is a given – it only asks for space in which to express itself
  8. We are endlessly creative beings, and will create from whatever place of consciousness we choose as our base of operation
  9. All actions bring consequences which also profoundly affect growth
  10. We are only one spiritual representative of living consciousness on the earth plane, meant to equally honor all other expressions of living consciousness that exist, so we can well communicate and peacefully coexist with each other and all of these other expressions.  

You change before the world does

Can you imagine for a moment what the world would be like if these were the foundational principles from which we functioned?  Better yet, can you imagine what you would be like if these were your foundational principles from which you lived?

What is stopping you from embracing these directives and creatively experimenting with shaping your experience from this foundation?  The world has to change individually from within each of us, and as we are all interconnected, one person’s transformation has its own amazing snowball effect. 

Let’s do what monkeys do (and see)

The “100 monkeys” experiment from several decades ago speaks to this phenomena.  In the experiment it was noted that when 100 monkeys adapted a changed behavior, all other monkeys incorporated it. 

“Monkey see, monkey do”, it seems, really does mean something, and not just to monkeys by inference and many related human experiments.  We can’t fix or directly change anyone, but as seemingly endlessly adaptable creatures, we do “pick up” from each other.  In that spirit I offer my heartfelt hope that we can find our way together for all to better survive and develop in this dangerous and opportune time.