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Memoir Writing Group – Why Norma Writes

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Why Do I Write?

I asked myself the question, “Why do I write?” After much thought, I realized it is relaxing. I think I have something to say that someone might find interesting. The main reason I write is that I can put my frustrations on paper, a relief just to get it out of my system. Sometimes just saying what is bothering me helps me to put it into perspective. It is very important for me to analyze what is going on with me so I can “get over it” and get on with my life. I don’t want to hurt someone else who might be the source of my frustration so I write about it rather than speak of it. By reading what I put down on paper helps me see the solution to a problem more clearly.

Writing is a way for me to tell a story about my life to anyone who might be interested. It is a way to show others that what they experience isn’t unique. Others go through the same trials, joys, sadness, and problems that I do. Writing what I am feeling is a way for me to put into perspective exactly what has happened, is happening and then letting go of it and moving on with my life. If I didn’t write, I wouldn’t be able to share or lessen the burdens of my daily life. Every day of living brings a lesson for me and others. Sometimes knowing that other people have the same experiences helps me to accept what I am going through at this time in my life. Just to see it on paper triggers solutions to many of my daily problems.

I like to tell stories about past and present experiences that add a little humor and share them with anyone who may be interested. If one other person enjoys what I have written, it is well worth the time to put on paper.

This is really a hobby for me. It keeps my mind active. It doesn’t hurt anyone. It may help someone who has similar experiences to see how I handle a situation. It keeps me out of trouble. The plain fact is that I simply enjoy writing. How did the song go, “Reading, writing, and ‘arithmetic”? The other strange parallel is that I love math as well as the reading and writing.

I joined this writing group because I enjoyed writing and knew that I wouldn’t pursue this hobby if I didn’t have the monthly incentive to write. I have been sending a copy of everything that I write to my cousin in New Jersey and my niece in Indiana. They enjoy reading it so, I feel that it is worth the effort. Actually, it is not much of an effort. It is sitting down and getting started that is the hardest thing. I usually wait until the last minute to get the assignment done each month. I have been writing the last few months with time to spare. This month I am close to the deadline with a busy week approaching. If I didn’t procrastinate, I would have written something weeks ago. Oh, well, I’m getting too old to change my ways. I started something else a couple of days ago because I didn’t like what I was writing. The second piece was harder than this one so I went back to finish what I started. I guess I write because it is better than getting into trouble doing other things that come to mind. Now the reader can just get their mind going thinking of what that might be!

Norma A. Rappl

9 Miami Dr.

Rochester, NY 14625-2622

July 10, 2009