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You Can Extend Lifestyle Balance and Empowerment in the New Year

Magical Lists to Empower and Develop You

Years ago I developed a simple but transformational lifestyle-balancing and empowerment self-help journaling tool that centers around creating four categorized lists of ten daily accomplishments.  I still use it to acknowledge and honor my commitment and freedom to choose what uplifts and reminds me of what we’re here to do in this world, from a whole place of being and caring about ourselves and others.  I feel it offers its own magic to further signal the universe to extend opportunities for manifesting your dreams through right spiritual directives.

Want to try it?  Then ready, set, go . . . list . . .

Ten Times Four Equals Personal Transformation

Your Ten Successes

It could be getting out of bed in the morning, not to mention brushing your teeth, eating breakfast – anything that you really have the power to choose to do or not that betters you; or related to bettering, achieves/accomplishes.  Its very important to note that the subconscious does not place “lesser-greater” value on each item on your list.  NO comparisons here, which is a major breath of fresh air, given our conditioning, to find ourselves lacking by comparison at every turn.  Instead your subconscious accepts and affirms every item on your list as being equally great!

Ten Things You’ve Received

Could be a smile from a stranger, a pat on the back from you (hopefully!), or being named in your relative’s will - “big” and “little”, they equally and powerfully belong on this list.

Ten Things You’ve Given

To others, including your pet, the mailman . . . and your well wishes, whether it’s a thought, which is always telepathically transmitted, so pay attention to them and feel free to restructure them – it makes a huge difference.

Ten Things You’re Grateful for 

This might require some thought, which might lead you to realize how much you take for granted.  You can include what you’re grateful for in yourself, and what you’re grateful for having received in the past – that leads to the present.

You Can Lay Your Core Foundation to Create Your Dreams from Spiritual Balance

Four times ten equals forty – a powerful number.  That was the number of days Noah floated on an endless sea in his ark, trusting through God’s will, he, his family and all the representative wildlife afloat would survive.  That was how many years the children of Israel stayed in the desert, dying off to birth a new generation who only knew freedom with responsibility, not hopeless slavery.  Four in numerology is the vibrational frequency of laying a firm foundation through your own sustained, hard-working efforts from which all else follows; and the exponential increase times ten extensively and significantly completes that multidimensional spiritual foundation for you to launch your dreams. 

Success balances with receiving, which balances with giving, which acknowledges thanks.  Try my magic formula to get yourself and this transformational year off to a glowing, sustainable start!  Keep me posted on your results – I love hearing from you!