Accept Your Heart
Let the Universe In . . . And Be Grateful


My Thanksgiving Gift to You

Oprah said she used a vision board to energetically support Obama being elected.  Visioning, I think, is the new “power word” for our times.  How else can we transcend, let alone cope, with such tremendously significant crises?

I have been visioning long before I knew the metaphysical and motivational meaning and purpose of the word.  When I was a child I used to make “daydreaming lists” of what I wanted, and since I would spend hours daydreaming (now known as shamanic journeying, visioning, visualizing, energetically transmitting, manifesting, inner journeying, and tuning in) anyway, I would, without knowing what or how I was doing it, co-create my experienced reality.

The Miraculous Way to Transcend Karma

Visioning transcends karma, and literally allows us to work with light as creating.  Visioning engages our heart and soul and allows our mind to free itself to partner creatively with us.  Visioning returns us to limitless possibility, as Obama said, “Yes we CAN!”

So here are my tried and true top ten steps to successful visioning:

1.  Say out loud standing in front of a mirror, and fully daydream about what you want, not what you don’t want.

2.  Describe what you want in the present tense, not the future or possible tenses (i.e. don’t say “would”).

3.  Answer in your description the following questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How is this (desire)happening?

4.  Picture an indestructible line completely connecting your present desire with the presentation of your vision – merging the future and present into one universe, and you in the center.

5.  Fully experience all the feelings associated with the manifestation of your vision, understanding this is the primary creative energy that will create it.

6.  Write on a sheet of paper in the left column a complete list of why you think at the moment you don’t have your vision; then on the right column, list each point as its exact opposite, and, when you’ve finished, tear up the left column and throw it away, saying out loud, “I CHOOSE THIS OUTCOME”.

7.  Make a list of ten things you can do within three-six-twelve months to demonstrate your commitment to carrying out your vision, and completely track completing your commitments.

8.  Picture your sense of the divine extending full love, support and blessing to manifesting your vision, asking for your vision to be “this or something better to fully support and express the highest good”; and then let it all go, understanding you have freed it to create itself as an expression of your highest consciousness.

9.  Fully and with all your heart, thank your sense of the divine for all that this vision provides to you, and all that it correspondingly supports through its manifestation.

10. Review this process for five to ten minutes every day.