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Let the Universe In . . . And Be Grateful

My Top 10 Reasons to Be Grateful That I Belong in A Multidimensional Spiritual Universe

A most propitious Thanksgiving, now almost upon us.  Here is what most moves me as we enter this holiday season heralded by our national holiday for which we are to give thanks . . .

1 . . . That we exist.

2 . . . That we’re free to love.

3 . . . That we have the innate capacity to love.

4 . . . That we’re free to choose.

5 . . . That we have full capacity to create.

6 . . . That we carry within us as our indestructible essence the divine.

7 . . . That we are a uniquely exquisite expression of the divine consciousness, ever-developing, ever-expanding.

8 . . . That we are meant to share and honor with ourselves and each other in an endlessly abundant universe.

9 . . .  That we have the capacity to let go, and open greater space to be.

10 . .  That we have the capacity and responsibility to transcend, and are endlessly and divinely supported.

So . . . What Do You Think About All This?

I both invite and challenge you – which is what the universe continues to offer us adventuring souls incarnating on the earth plane looking for a hard, fast ride to healing and development – to settle back, enter into your own deep, reflective, intuitive space by taking several correspondingly deep, full, cleansing breaths – and once more read over the above list.  Notice which one “jumps out at you”. 

This is how your intuition well guides you to pick the one you are meant to activate in your life right now.  As this occurs, imagine it draws you into its energy. 

Accept the Spiritual Challenge to Accept the Gift as a Call to Action

Let it then speak to you as it will, and when you have a sense of completion with this focus, slowly and easily return to full, waking consciousness and open your eyes.  Record your experience.

Gifts are meant to be acknowledged through being accepted and correspondingly utilized,  I invite you, then, to equally consider, using your present intuition as your guide, how you can utilize presently in your life the above “gift” that chose You. 

Write the particular title, and then list your corresponding intent.  This is how you let the universe in . . . and Be . . . Grateful . . . in the spirit of Thanksgiving.