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Accept Your Heart

The Essential Guideline to Healing and Wholeness

The heart as a metaphor carries a number of critical dimensions.  It exists as an inviolate spiritual center, meaning no matter what happens to its bearer, it has the capacity to continue. 

To me the essential guideline to healing and wholeness is to hold true, no matter what, to accepting your heart.  The central challenge is to know what your heart feels, wants and needs; and then commit to staying true to these guidelines.

The Spiritual Center of Unconditional Love

We have been taught for countless millenia to do the opposite, accepting the delusion that this is necessary in order to survive.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Hearts as metaphors are spiritual centers of unconditional love that are supremely reality-based.  By that I mean that hearts have the capacity to know all the dimensions of acknowledgment and consideration that really exist - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Opening Our Intuition

Hearts carry a significant dimension that we have also been taught to fear, manipulate and deny - our intuition.  To recover our innate intuition offers an additional whole advantage to understanding and choosing beyond the analytical, with its own guidelines, style of communication and particular function. 

Here is an exercise for you to try:

Open Your Spirit

Settle back, allow your body to take a most comfortable, relaxed, aligned and supported position, close your eyes, and take several deep, regular, cleansing breaths.  Imagine your breath is your released, free innate spirit.  For these next several breaths, each and every time you inhale and each and every time you exhale, say the word "spirit" to yourself. 

Imagine your breath deepens even more.  For these next several breaths each and every time you you inhale and each and every time you exhale, say the word "open" to yourself.  Then for these next several breaths, when you inhale say the word "spirit", and when you exhale say the word "open" to yourself.

Receive from Your Heart

Imagine you are allowing and directing your spirit to open, and that your opening spirit is your intuition.  Simply enjoy the experience and this inner journey. 

Ask your opening spirit to lead you into your heart.  Experience all that unfolds and speaks to you here, allowing it to bring you, in its way, to a place that feels like a place of completion.

Offer Your Gift in Return

As this occurs, imagine your heart asks you to accept it unconditionally as an central expression of love, with your opening spirit as the bridge.  When you're ready, say to yourself, "I accept my heart", and see what happens.

Then slowly and easily allow your flowing breath to bring you, in its endless, easy rhythms, back and back to full, waking consciousness, and open your eyes.  Record all that's happened here.  

What's Next Within the Larger Scope of Meaning?

Consider how all that has happened for you now has been a process of healing and integration.  What wants to happen next?  Allow your open intuition to respond, and record whatever occurs.

We live in a peaking, intense, extended time of transformation and opportunities to grow and integrate in expansive ways beyond what has been possible before.  May we all accept and welcome the challenge, and may it lead to our own and the world's wellbeing.