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The Twelve Recommended Resources for Self-Healing and Development

More Rules to Live By

Necessary Skills to Navigate

Life offers many rich dimensions of challenges, joys, crises, successes, failures . . . and so much more . . . all opportunities and necessities for us to develop corresponding skill and capacity to navigate for healing, development, and, yes - survival.  Which brings me to join the ever-growing list of individual and group attempts, be they educational institutions, philosophies, or religious organizations, to further formulate, through reflection, Rules to Live By.

Without further ado, as the saying goes, here is what strikes me as the essential rules to live by, spurred on by what current clients are presenting as their personal challenges, as well as my own and my family's - and let's not forget our presidential election, fast-approaching - as well as all related national, even global challenges.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Eleven Rules for Mastery

1.   Stay as integratively well as you can, which means in greater balance and corresponding stability, involving your  body, mind and spirit, and care for yourself accordingly as a central priority to live your life.

2.   Know what it is to feel real peace, and take that sensation as the necessary standard to recognize and implement correspondingly real resolution for whatever problem it is that you happen to be experiencing.    

3.   Unconditionally, and on an ongoing basis, communicate your feelings to yourself; and then listen some more to your subsequently and freely-emerging intuition, well-keeping a commitment to yourself to honor it by acting on its direction, however it occurs in any aspect of your life.

4.   Through this, admit to yourself, as it may arise, your deepest fear.

5.   Ask yourself without expectation at least once a year what your heart's desires are, and write them down from a place of trust and acceptance, which allows you to release them to begin to energetically manifest, along with your corresponding commitment to carry out an equal call to action.

6.   Unconditionally accept yourself and others just as they are.

7.   Acknowledge that all demands for guarantees and controls are delusions, and do not exist in the world as your only path to true freedom and responsibility.

8.   With your full ability to do so, seek to partner with life, understanding it is an infinite sea of unfolding, present moments that you must be equally present in.

9.   Life demands that we live it courageously, and holds us fully accountable for that.  It calls this karma.

10. Never try to manage or fix anybody or anything other than objects in need of repair, acknowledging the central truth that none of us have this power.

11. Know yourself as a unique expression of the divine, and act accordingly to the best of your unfolding capacity in the world.

Will You Experiment?

These eleven rules to live by in this "round". in numerology is defined to be the vibration of mastery.  What do you think?   Willing to experiment and let me know how it all goes? 

This is time of pivotal transformation, and I believe we are all hugely and centrally experiencing our own particular versions of this supreme challenge.  That is the essential rule of life.  It is set to continue to bring forth transformation.  How else can flow continue?  

Note I have categorized this blog entry as holistic healing.  Following these rules will produce the wonderful result of holistic, or body-mind-spirit healing.  That's how transformation occurs, and all corresponding successes and related empowerment and development can then follow.