Ten Empowerment Tricks to Profoundly Center Yourself and Transform Your Life
Full Circle

Everything Happens for a Reason

Partner with Synchronicity to Manifest Your Dreams

It is a cliche, to be sure, and it also happens to be a foundational metaphysical and holistic principle.  It integrates two primary laws of the Universe, on those notes - the law of attraction and the law of consequences - which are, consecutively, Like Attracts Like and Every Action Brings Corresponding Reaction, or consequences.

Here is my understanding of the requirements to partner with this fundamental law of synchronicity, and experience all corresponding opportunities to more easily and greatly flow with its extended, multidimensional and resonant integrative benefits:

Seven Rules for Mastery

1.  Detach enough to see the greater overall picture of what is going on to the maximum stretch of your currently unfolding consciousness.

2.  Dare to be ruthlessly honest in reporting to yourself what you see, without deluding yourself into having to come up with any analysis or conclusion.

3.  Be courageously responsible for yourself and all the choices you make, which are simply how you respond, think  and reflect in any and all situations.

4.  See yourself as the only co-creator, with the spiritual universe, of all your experience.

5.  Clarify the source of your beliefs and values as coming from either unhealed grief, faulty conditioning that is delusional (it always is, in that it is not the nature of what is real), or your own authentic integrity.

6.  Find a way to be compassionate towards yourself and the world you live in.

7.  Return to center from a place of letting go and letting be.

Spiritual Meanings for Spiritual Power

The number seven is an amazing vibrational frequency.  It associates with mysticism, spiritual completion, and all corresponding healing and evolution through one's own uniquely unfolding archetypal journeys as one's full, rich life. 

There are seven notes to our scale in music.  The story of creation in the Bible says it took God seven days to create the earth "and all its inhabitants thereof".  Seven has long been considered to be the number of extreme good luck - being successful within the laws of chance.

Transcend the Limits of Old Consciousness to Support New Beginnings

To translate these three sentences for synchronistic spiritual partnership . . . explore and practice the full range of resonance as you play through the unfolding course of your life, and make corresponding "music" . . . co-creating through all present dimensions  . . . trusting in all positive outcomes as they endlessly unfold in their matching rhythms.

This is the template and philosophy that I offer you in these intense, peaking, profoundly opening times, to truly go, as Mr. Spock would say, beyond what was before.  That is the final law of the spiritual universe - everything is in a constant state of expansion, or development.  So be it.