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The In's and Out's of Forgiveness

The Essential Elements of the Six-Pointed Star of Healing

1.  It's elusive, and it doesn't lie. 

2.  It occurs as a serendipitous response when one experiences acceptance, the final stage of grief.

3.  It represents coming to completion. 

4.  When it occurs, pain disappears, and it is as if one's corresponding "record" of suffering is erased. 

5.  It is multidimensional healing involving body, mind and spirit, and it sets us free - free to be present in the present, recovering wholeness. 

6.  When we divide the word into its two primary sections, we have for-giving.

How to Explore Forgiving

These are the six key elements to describe forgiving.  It's interesting  to note that in numerology, the metaphysical definition of the spiritual meaning of numbers based on the understanding that each primary number exists along a unique corresponding vibrational frequency that has its particular characteristics of healing and development, the number 6 associates with personal, relationship and environmental harmony and balance.

So let's experiment with exploring for-giving, and see what happens.  Here is a guided meditation and journaling exercise to experience the "in's and out's" of forgiveness:

A Hands-on Exercise for You to Try

Settle back into a comfortable, supported position, close your eyes, and deepen your breath.  Count to yourself five, full, deep easy breaths.  Then for the next several breaths that you take, as you inhale, say to yourself "let be".  As you exhale, say to yourself, "let go".

Simply stay present with your sense of your own regular rhythms.  Then, for these next several breaths, as you inhale say the word "for" to yourself, and as you exhale say to yourself the word "giving".  Observe your sensations.

Now, for these next several breaths, allow yourself to say an additional word or phrase after you say "for - giving" as you continue to easily and fully breathe - whatever seems to naturally come up, say that additional word or phrase, and continue to observe your sensations.

Then consider, however you are moved to do so, a particular focus you feel called upon to take in further experiencing the power of forgiving.  As you continue to breathe so rhythmically and easily in and out, continue to experience whatever focus seems to quite easily and naturlly emerge regarding forgiving, even if there are several. 

See what happens as you continue this experiment.  When you feel complete with this healing journey, very easily and naturally return to full, waking consciousness, and record your experience and your insights.

Explore What's Next

What happened for you through this experiment?  What are you now moved to choose to do in any aspect of your life?  What has shifted for you?  Record your insights.

Many more opportunities to experience the multidimensional healing and development power that forgiveness offers you await your exploration, within organic, unfolding processes.  Know that life continues to primarily offer these opportunities, and if you can correspondingly support these challenges through your own consciously-determined inner journeys, you freely support many greater accelerated opportunities for multidimensional evolution for yourself and all others to whom you are connected.

I wish you all happy related results - Namaste, Marjorie