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Success and Failure

What does success mean to you?  Failure?  We live in a culture that profoundly and primarily drives us to "success" and "failure".  I want to focus  in this article on clarifying what those terms mean to you, because your consciousness works with those terms, probably, every day of your life - and correspondingly directs you to respond.

Let's start by drawing a line down the center of a blank sheet of paper.  Write at the top of the left section the word, "Failure", and title the right section "Success."  Fold the paper so you only see, for the first part of this exercise, the title titled, "Failure".  Focus on this word for a few moments.  Write down whatever comes up inside of you in response to this word, "Failure" - one word or phrase to a line until you've run out of ideas.

A Profound Jouranling Exercise for Healing and Success

Now flip your paper so you can only see the right column, titled "Success".  Spend a few moments as you did above focusing on this word, "Success".  Write whatever words or phrases come up inside you, one word or phrase to a line until you've run out of ideas, in response to the title, "Success".

Now open your paper so you can see both columns.  Using the phrase "I am" or "I have", write either phrase, whichever seems to make the most sense to you, before every item on your lists, including the titles.  For example, you could write, "I have failure" , or "I have success".  Then settle back and take a few moments to read to yourself all that you have to say from accessing deeper levels of consciousness about success and failure.

Restore Your Power to Command Free Choice

Record whatever insights occur.   Now focus once more on your first list, titled, "Failure".  On a separate sheet of paper, write every item on that list including the title, as its exact opposite.  For example, using the title of that list, suppose you wrote, "I have failure".  You would convert the title to its exact opposite, which would read, "I have success".

Read down the entire converted list when you have finished, and record any insights that occur.  Now draw a big "X" down the original list titled "Failure".  You can use the new list you've just completed, and your original list titled "Success" for a tremendously targeted list of powerful affirmations to initiate and extend your innate power to create your chose reality; and support and reinforce yourself going forward.

It's All About Your Freedom to Be - And Accept

Consider that what you have drawn an "X" through on the first list is simply a list of faulty belief systems, and you could write that phrase at the top of that list above you word, "Failure".  Consider a s well that you have just created a supreme template going forward to define and dictate right direction for you to go forward in the way that best brings you what you want and need in your life, in order to continue to heal and evolve. 

There are no failures - only challenges to extend to right completion.  Happy landings . . . and all blessings in the spirit of organic unfolding . . . rmeember, where you are is only a relection of being .