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Your Recent Positive Feedback

Well I went ahead and decided to share your feedback.  It means a lot to me and your encouragement is an integral part of the process to bring Centering online.  So here are a couple of comments people made after receiving the last email newsletter.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

btw, i love your website!  i went perusing there yesterday. -Patti Miskell

Marjorie, I truly appreciate your sending me this inspirational page; it came at a good time. It is exactly what I needed to hear. This was a great way to begin my day. Again, thanks. -Cynthia Ely

Marjorie, Thank you for the wonderful newsletter article. I really needed and enjoyed it.I’ll keep up with your website and hope to attend at least one of your classes at JCC. With gratitude,

-John M Ventura, DC, DABCO
Rochester Chiropractic Group, LLP  www.rochesterchiropractic.com   
clinical instructor, family medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine
assistant clinical professor, New York Chiropractic College
Integrative Health Care Practice Resources www.ihcpr.com

And if anyone else wants to submit their feedback, positive or negative, email me or leave a comment here.