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Healing Circles

Ending Cycles

It is amazing what can happen in the course of a seemingly ordinary day - like today.  I slept in after unwillingly being up late, choosing to forget again that when I have a cappacino at 7pm, as I did to top off my daughter's birthday dinner in an Italian restaurant we both love, I lose about half a night's sleep. 

Speaking of birthdays, I guess it's more than time to admit I'm not getting any younger despite the fact that I am more peaceful and happy - different than my younger years - than at any other time in my life these days.  I'm also hugely concerned about so many things in the world, as well as being "in the thick" of my own personal shifts.  The paradox for me, which I feel is quite synchronisitic with where we are nationally and globally, is that I know within the next couple of years a very long cycle for me is coming to an end, which I'm very glad about. 

The unfamiliar universe awaits, and that's more than okay with me.  My fantasy is that the world as well would do a lot better to approach this great shift with this heartfelt vision and clear attitude, and we would all be greatly eased because of it. 

One Unfolding Day

The rest of the day . . .  involved not one but two trips to the supermarket, which set me up to most synchronistically "run into" a woman I have known for a long time who is critically ill with cancer.  She has found her way to being completely, simply honest about all the implications she faces and the effect on those around her.  It is no surprise to me, given who she is and what her consciousness has become, that she has the most tremendous, longstanding support from staunch friends that I think I have ever seen.  I continue to energetically transmit to her on an ongoing basis.

I also went for a long walk with my daughter, who has spent essentially the weekend, with a little more to come, celebrating  her sixteenth birthday, roaming one of the most beautiful, oldest flowering parks in the nation.  We had some very serious, heartwrenching things to discuss regarding a most challenging situation that has fortunately greatly evolved and eased since last fall for us both. 

I became aware of such intense discussion as a great paradox against the backdrop of the most vibrant display of colors I have ever seen after countless visits to Highland Park, so named for the profusion of lilacs presented there.  Today they were not yet in bloom, but the daffodils, tulips, magnolias, and cherry blossoms were, so brilliant, so exquisitely beautiful that I felt greatly priviledged to be able to witness and receive their glowing energy as we wandered with so many smiling others.

Facing Spiritual Reality

This has been a week of love and loss, beauty and caring, warmth and upset.  I returned home this week and fell all over myself playing "catch-up", an additional dimension in a number of ongoing layers. 

I think what today has taught me is that the simple circumstances of each unfolding day contain all the elements that compose healing circles.  One supports and clarifies and enhances the next, and because they are there, we must simply admit and declare and accept and allow ourselves to be fully present in them all, and share with ourselves and others easily, trusting in our own capacity to not survive - but continue to simply be present, for that is enough because it's real

Power is something else.  Power is offered to us through all the elements we experience through each and every day of our unfolding lives if we are able and willing to accept each dimension for what it is, and release our ego's demand to have a short answer that will be the current delusion to what guarantees survival - the real short answer is:  there isn't any.

Beauty, peace, happiness, camaderie, the full array of brilliant and present and accepted emotions, and all synchronistic surprises - yes.  I believe we live now in an intense time propelling us toward a great unknown.  We can only face this great challenge with our willingness to seek and speak the truth, and unconditionally love and respect ourselves and each others - for we are all equal.

Blessed be.