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March 2008

Willing to be Led Towards your Heart - download Centering poetry

Centering poetry - download Marjorie's extensive collection of poetry years in the making. Your Price: $12.97 for the PDF version Close your eyes, settle back in a comfortable position, and let your breath settle. Let Marjorie Baker Price's reflective poems... Read more →

Client example: to describe an inner journey

In the spirit of this holiday season, I wanted to post this wonderful poem by another member of my monthly memoir writing group, completed in response to my recommendation from the previous class to write a poem describing an inner... Read more →

One Chapter At a Time

I'm happy to share with you all one of the pieces a client wrote in my senior memoir writing class. I anticipate you'll all enjoy this as much as I did. ----------------------------------------------------------- One Chapter At A Time Life is like... Read more →