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Mail-Order CD's (all of these are $13.97 each! Pay via Paypal/major credit card)

Accept and Love Yourself

Accept_and_love_yourself Accept and Love Yourself – Experience this healing guided meditation hypnosis audio to create a soul miracle for you of recovery – your heart’s desire to unconditionally love and accept yourself just as you are.  This restores your power to be fully present in the world, to share, respond and create your true intent.



Become Your Higher Self


Become Your Higher Self – You can rise above where you feel caught and stuck – “lesser than” you know you are – to heal and evolve spiritually to birth your greater self as your best guide and ally through this guided meditation hypnosis audio.




 Children's "Wish-full"

Childrens_WishfullChildren’s “Wish-full” Release Stress, Build Self-Esteem – Your children can release stress and build self-esteem by listening (and you can join them!) to this special guided meditation audio that helps them feel safe and empowered.  They will relax and feel more focused and at ease from a greater sense of balance in mind and body, and learn to support themselves from their own special center.   



 Clear Blockages


Clear Blockages – We heal multidimensionally and integratively through all emotional, physical and mental dis-ease.  This guided meditation hypnosis audio brings you through your own corresponding traumas to a center of unique healing that will continue to strengthen, support and unfold as you work with it.  Blocks of any kind, even beyond conscious knowing, are guided to release – and you release right along with them to become clear and whole again.  Great insight accompanies these energetic shifts for further empowerment.


Drivetime for Clearing and Centering


Drivetime for Clearing and Centering – Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to listen to not one but two guided meditation hypnosis audios in your car to stay clear and centered – and then leave your work behind at the end of the day?  These powerful listening exercises continue to release stress and support your continuing to be your own best self, and are especially designed to play in your car while you continue to feel better and better!


 Energetic Healing


Energetic Healing – You can experience body-mind healing at its core level through this special guided meditation hypnosis audio which shifts you away from dis-ease to ease – illness to wellness – by working with the very patterns of your physical, emotional and mental energies.  A very relaxing, rejuvenating listening exercise that will restore your natural rhythms and bring you to space of well-being.  A great accompaniment to body work!


Feeling Good About Yourself


Feeling Good About Yourself – Self-esteem must build from within, not without.  This powerful guided meditation hypnosis audio returns your sense to feel good about yourself to you through centering, with its tremendously uplifting imagery and deeply relaxing support to further release anxiety.  From your restored center, you become empowered and free to create your best life.



 Finding the Partner of Your Dreams


Finding the Partner of Your Dreams – We can send our heartfelt desires for loving partnership into physical reality to support the universe’s capacity, with our own, to manifest what we most want and deserve to have as a mirror of our capacity to lovingly partner with ourselves in how we are and what we experience in the world.  This wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio leads you to both attract and create that soul mate connection.


Finding Your Spirit Guide


Finding Your Spirit Guide – You can, through this acclaimed guided meditation hypnosis audio, experience your spirit guide, who will offer you a whole new dimension of intuition, healing, development, and creation through divine love and power.  



 Focus! Overcoming ADHD


Focus! Overcoming ADD – Better cope and creatively transcend learning disabilities through this powerful guided meditation hypnosis audio to integrate and better balance mental function, and heal stress and emotional trauma associated with struggling.  All learning disabilities involve a “scattering” effect which challenges perceptual capacity.  Centering offers the key to focus, which in turn support restoring whole function.


Forgiveness: Healing the Past


Forgiveness: Healing the Past – You can forgive as an expression of your greatest spiritual power to heal, develop and transcend loss, reaching your own authentic place of clarity, understanding, acceptance and completion.  This wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio will gently lead you through what is life’s greatest challenge, most compelling and fulfilling odyssey, transformative opportunity for growth, and returning to your right to be fully present.


 Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol

Recovery_Freedom From Drugs

Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol -  This acclaimed guided meditation hypnosis recovery audio was especially created over twenty years ago for a chemical dependency treatment program to release stress and sustain sobriety.  You can stop using and empower yourself through your own tremendous capacity to self-heal and develop.



 Freeing Yourself from an Addictive Relationship


Freeing Yourself from an Addictive Relationship – Are you addicted to a relationship that you know is bad for you?  This codependency can be broken at a core level through this powerful self-healing and empowerment guided meditation and hypnosis audio.  Take back yourself, your life, and your own indestructible wise spirit for recovery.


Get a Good Night's Sleep


Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Quit tossing and turning and losing night after night of restful, complete sleep.  Through this wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio you will be brought to a state of deep relaxation, release the stresses of the day, and drift off into a full night’s sleep.  You’ll awaken refreshed, recharged and able to be clear, focused and present in a new day.



 Heal and Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit


Heal and Rebalance Body, Mind and Spirit – You can access your tremendous power to heal through this holistic guided meditation hypnosis audio, which rebalances body, mind and spirit.  Become your healthy, whole self and wonderfully shift your energy to stay in a state of flow and well-being.  



 Develop Your Intuition


Develop Your Intuition – You can develop and use your intuition to receive key insights, access greater healing, accelerate spiritual development, and unleash your creative potential.  This special two-part guided meditation hypnosis CD opens and extends your intuitive power to provide a critical edge beyond yourself for clarity, problem-solving, and success.  This is how to create your dreams and more greatly know your greater Self.


 Lose the Weight


Lose the Weight! – Successful weight loss requires successful body-mind partnership.  This powerful guided meditation hypnosis audio will release stress, return clarity, build self-esteem, and heighten motivation.  You will “go the distance” to develop and sustain your ability to achieve your goals and lose the weight permanently, while maintaining a state of balance. 



 Loving Your Unborn Child


Loving Your Unborn Child – This wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio is for about-to-be-parents: You can open a channel to extend your ability to lovingly communicate with your unborn child, and express and energetically transmit your tremendous love and faith in your new family.  You can forge a spiritual bond with your developing baby to fully ready yourselves to welcome your unborn child into the world, and prepare all together for this blessed miracle.  


 Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression – Have you ever felt you’ve lived other lifetimes?  Experience your soul’s record of extended healing, development and completion to extend healing, creation and development in this lifetime through this transformational guided meditation hypnosis audio.  Again and again you can “open the record” of all your experiences to make greater sense of who you are and what you are as a spiritual being of multidimensional consciousness, and find answers to the deep, central questions and challenges of your life.


Peak Performance for Success


Peak Performance for Success – You can make every day count in all the ways you need and want to successfully function in the world from a place of personal power, heightened awareness, and freedom to choose and complete your desires in this acclaimed guided meditation and hypnosis audio.  Be in your own greatest flow and achieve and accelerate your greatest purpose, extending balance while sustaining motivation and creativity.  Build faith in yourself and know you can do it!



Recovering Your Inner Child


Recovering Your Inner Child – You can heal and develop despite childhood trauma and woundedness to recover your inner child through this wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio.  Your inner child will in turn restore trust, wonder, creative freedom, integration and delight for you to be fully, joyfully present in the world.



 Relax! Freedom from Stress


Relax! Freedom from Stress – Stress is a killer.  Break away from the power of stress to destroy, and rebuild yourself and your life from a new place of ease rather than dis-ease, empowerment rather than eroded self-esteem.  You can stay centered, balanced and able to be in your own greater flow.  In this transformational guided meditation hypnosis audio you will detach from the stressors in your life and develop your ability to rise above whatever tangles and hooks you to regain clarity, humor and insight from a new center. 

Release Pain!


Release Pain! – Pain wears us down, increases stress, and interferes with all levels of life function.  This acclaimed guided meditation hypnosis audio gently, deeply moves you to a place of deep relaxation where you can release and rise above pain, and find a sense of balance, ease and protection. 



Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment

Shamanism_Spiritual Journeyofempowerment

Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment – You can experience the way of the shaman, or ancient healer who can travel from the physical to the spiritual realms to experience the path of spiritual power and transformation to heal, develop and create miracles, through this two-part guided meditation and hypnosis audio with special drumming.  You will go to the upper and lower spirit worlds to receive great gifts of healing and empowerment, and meet your animal and angel guides to greatly support and evolve yourself and your life.  Know yourself as a spiritual being of greater consciousness, and your higher purpose in the world.

Stop Smoking Forever!

Stop_Smoking_ForeverStop Smoking Forever! – You can build and sustain your motivation to stop smoking permanently through the powerful support and guidance offered in this wonderful guided meditation and hypnosis audio.  Relax, clarify and develop your goals to break your smoking habit, build your determination to stop smoking, and experience this powerful inner guide and coach to “go the distance”.  You can free yourself from your smoking addiction forever.  Protect your health and be your own best, wisest self who can do what is right for you.


Success! Create Your Best Future

Success Create Your Best Future CD Cover-1

Success! Create Your Best Future – You can define your heart’s dreams for you to achieve and create your most wonderful life through this transformational guided meditation and hypnosis audio.  What do you most want in life?  The answers, guidance and indestructible support to become your best dreams come from within.  You will find these answers and determine, step by step, your path to create these miracles in your life through the law of attraction, unleashing your own intuitive power to align with the universe and manifest.