The Power of the Snake
What is "Atonement"?

Yes, Virginia, There Are Limits

The Use of Limits

My mother would frequently say the following to me, "Once you set your mind to do something, there's no limit to what you can acheive".  She meant it as a compliment, and yet, it never quite set well with me. 

Through some related crises, I think I'm finally realizing why.  There actually are limits, and they are, I think, best meant to evolve and expand  in a most supportive way oneself and the reality one experiences, through freeing consciousness.  What do I mean by that?

The Best Discernment for Personal Power

I'm talking about developing our capacity to discern, and, as we improve that capacity, to  gain increasing insight, mindfulness, freedom to make wise choices, and most importantly, increase empowerment and what native Americans call "right relations" with ourselves and the environments we experience.  Here are three life-changing  tips to determine limits that best develop greater discernment, awareness and empowerment:

1.  Settle back in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and imagine how easily you can ask your  higher self for best guidelines to protect, empower and free you.  When you feel complete, and after several moments of inner listening, record your experience - and date it.  Check-in with yourself from time to time regarding this advice with the actual experiences you've had, to see how your higher self successfully "coached" you.

2.  Set a limit on apologizing.  Only say you're sorry after you consider and determine, from a place of reflection  and mindfulness,  that you understand you "missed the mark" (the real definition of the Hebrew root of the word "sin").  as an additional check, consider times you have apologized if the real message you communicated was being sorry for your existence.

3.  The next time you have any sense, when being asked to do anything, of feeling obligated, be sure to say "No", and STICK TO IT NO MATTER WHAT.

Accept Boundaries as Part of the Great Spiritual Paradox

We all have boundaries.  We none of us go on forever, whether with the space we occupy or the time we experience.  Of course, boundaries exist not in a vacuum, but in a paradox of unconditional love as the expression of being fully, endlessly present.

I think that's the winning combination.  So let's hear it for developing limits, so as to receive their miraculous gifts of developing wholeness!