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"Margie, how can I thank you for the remarkable skill, caring and insight you use with your centering coaching.  I feel like a new person, transformed because of your help.  The insight you brought me in our FIRST session made a significant difference in our business.  I'm more focused, disciplined and able to get things done..." -Linda Keefe, CEO, Shared Results International

"On the aside, your site is really great!!  I can honestly say that (being someone who has suffered for several years with CFS) your words and suggestions are a true inspiration."
-Danielle Grilli, the content director of


“There are many tapes on meditation, visualization, contemplation….Price is a Registered Nurse and a hypnotherapist with wide background in health care and creative writing….She speaks well.  Her voice creates ripples of possibility…very superior tapes.”
From the Book Reader -“America’s Most Independent Review of New Books”


“…this former actress, psychiatric nurse clinician and certified hypnotherapist has been channeling all her life…and discovered her calling as a healer, with a destiny to help others.”
-Richard Fuller, Senior Editor,  Metaphysical Reviews


“Marjorie Baker Price can help! I heartily recommend you contact her about setting up a workshop in your community, ordering her tapes, books and affirmation cards…and your opportunity for personal, telephone counseling.”
-Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews


“I highly recommend Marjorie’s work and her practice CenteringTM…her professional skills and unique insights have contributed immeasurably to my own personal growth as well as the growth and self-understanding of others.”
-Wendy Burwell


“At the end of July I will celebrate nine months of freedom from alcohol.  I want to thank you for providing a sound foundation for me.  I enjoyed the time we spent together and appreciate the dedication extended to your fellow human beings.”
-Debra Tulloch


“I have attended and enjoyed Marjorie’s bi-monthly support group for almost two years…experiencing a major shift in my life on every level I now realize the relevance of the many learning experiences I gained over the months and how these are significant in my current growth and transformation.”
-Marie N.


“Student evaluations of the week were overwhelmingly positive and so many expressed the value of their experiences….On behalf of the Leadership Week planning team, thank you again for making this a successful week.”
-Terry Martinez, Leadership Week, Office of the Dean of Students, Wells College


“Guided imagery and relaxation training provided by Marjorie Baker Price were consistently evaluated highly by patients in the program.  She adapted her methods to meet the unique needs of persons in recovery.”
-Douglas L. Bufano, PhD., CAC, CRC Former Director, NYS Certified Alcoholism Outpatient Clinic


“Power Intuition is a great tool for focusing your efforts on improving your life.  There’s something about putting pen to paper which helped me to center myself and get to a higher level of understanding subtle messages often lost in the hectic nature of everyday life.”
-Jean Kase, Greater Rochester Metro Chamber of Commerce, VP/Government Relations

[Offerings: Inspirations for the Soul]
“When I have a question to answer or a little inspiration is needed, your ‘Offerings’ often stir up a message for me.” 

-Raymond Justice, Think2wice, Inc.

“Wonderful ‘Offerings’! What a joy to use these tools of guided insight into oneself! These cards are incredibly accurate and fun.”
-Laura Chey, Acupuncturist, Owner of Balance Herbs, Arts and Tea

Regarding the Centering Tools Workbook:

“One of the reasons this reviewer absolutely loves this book is the author’s writing style which reflects the loving space she comes from.  Another are the exercises that follow each and every chapter that personalize this brilliant self-help paradigm to your individuality and success…Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development is required reading for everyone looking for a better future.”

-Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

"We had the opportunity to have Marjorie Baker Price conduct a seminar on visualization to help our associates increase sales. The techniques and methods were beautifully explained and executed. As a result of the sessions our sales force was able to increase production and improve sales. The visual techniques helped our associates anticipate their clients' objectives and turn them into meetings with positive outcomes. We fully recommend Ms. Price to anyone dealing in sales situations"

-Louis W. Bivona, General Manager MONY Financial Services, Rochester Associates

"Marjorie has an amazing gift that she shares geneerously and impressively - impressing on the recipients important messages from Spirit and powerful words of wisdom. I am among thousands of people whose lives she has touched in very positive ways, and I thank her."

-Julie E. Jugle

"I slept like a log last night! Got home around 7:30 after I picked up the tape - must be I relaxed enough to sleep very soundly until the phone rang about 10:30. I started it again and slept until 7:00. So I would say there have been good results so far. I have not done or been able to do that since I do not know when."

 -William LoDico

"I wrap my 'Offerings' cards in silk, and store them in a high place to honor the wisdom essence they represent. Through access of innate spriti, insightful guidance arises, directing one's path towards wholeness. Everyone needs inspriations for the soul."

-Marilyn Merritt, Nurse Practitioner and Healing Touch practitioner


"How can I thank you for the remarkable skill, caring and insight you use with your centering coaching. I feel like a new person, transformed because of your help. The insight you brought in our FIRST session made a significant difference in our business. I’m more focused, disciplined and able to get things done. I’m also more proactive and take initiatives to help the business grow. The intuitive skills you interlace with the coaching techniques brings results so quickly it’s amazing. I tell everyone that wants to make a change in their lives, get in touch with themselves, or do better at work that you’re the one they need to see."
-Linda Keefe, Shared Results International 


"I just wanted to thank you, again, for being such a loving and influential teacher and friend.  You mean so much to me.  I am sad that our training is finished (even if it is only for now).  Maybe I am just a little raw, still, from the two recent losses I experienced recently.  However, I know that there will always be a connection between us, and that is comforting.

I really do think that our one on one sessions together multiplied the effectiveness of this first level of hypnotherapy instruction.  You tuned into exactly what I needed to learn, and we had the time to be clear with each other what worked, what didn't, and what information I needed to be more effective.  This sort of work is extremely powerful on many dimensions, and I feel like you helped me to attend to the subtle as well as the basic steps of hypnosis.  I completed this certification feeling confident that I can and WILL incorporate this tool in my personal and professional life.  You gently and thoroughly challenged me to overcome my fears and discomfort in offering this service to others.  I am glad we were persistent until we both felt we were complete with the training.  We were successful, together.

Thank you so, so much.  Feel free to share any or all of my perceptions of our training together."
-Reid Bryne


"I was nurtured, supported but also challenged to confront some of my behaviors and outcomes.  It was done in a way that confronted some of my fears but each time I left after a session, I knew that I  had opened and confronted some tough issues I felt like I was releasing the blockages, lightening my load.  She would do her energetic healing work as well as the mental health aspect of the issues, on a multitude of levels. Giving me homework to follow up on by meditating on my own and then Journaling about my experiences."
-Barbara Blue, RN


I, along with Rick want to thank you for helping me get through this. I know that the sessions with you made a difference in being able to become a non-smoker, for good this time.

Thanks so very much,

-Debbie Whitbourne


I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the best guided meditation I've ever experienced! Your presentation, your guidance, wit, and knowledge were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you so very much for sharing this gift.

From my heart,

-Karen Armstrong (regarding Marjorie’s presentation/lecture at Wilmot Cancer Center, 2/17/09)

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