The Power of the Snake

Muster Up Your Courage and Ditch Perfection

Can You Give It Up?

It just ain't gonna happen.  Perfection, that is. 

How much time per day would you guestimate you spend obsessing about yours or someone else's lack of perfection?  Hate to break it to you, folks, but you'd be better off cleaning your bathroom, paying your most expensive bills, settling a thirty-year fight with your mother-in-law . . . get my drift? 

The Abusive Results of Our Perfectionistic Culture

Put your energy into your most dreaded or distasteful task and at least it will produce an improved result - whereas trying to be perfect - well, listen up ain't gonna happen.  Hate to repeat myself, but why should this blog article be any different than my usual conversational style, as many of you know?

We live in a perfectionistic culture, and it produces extremely abusive results, the most important of which is spiritually robbing us of our ability to be fully present - which translates out to be robbing us of our spirit.  So ask yourself this question:  What would it take for me to stop demanding the impossible of myself and everybody else, and accept all our equal imperfections... unconditionally?

A Meditation That Will Change Your Life

Please settle back, close your eyes, deepen your breath, move ever so easily into an equally deeper meditative state, and bring that question with you.  Now listen closely to hear the response.

When you've received it, say, "thank you", just as unconditionally, and open your eyes.  Record your experience.

Can You Keep Your Promise?

My final question is to ask yourself what it would take for you to carry out your own intuitive directive in this new year.  I promise you it will revolutionize your life and open the door for many loving miracles and divine successes to come your way.

Keep me posted - and yourself !  Light the way, and your heart - and others - will follow.