Rules to Live By for a Happy, Healthy 2008
Muster Up Your Courage and Ditch Perfection


I am 58 years old today.  Although as a child I always felt my birthday was scrunched in just after the holidays, and therefore too much of a bother to be celebrated, I love having my birthday happen in the wake of the new year - what used to be called, I believe, Epiphany.

I began celebrating with my favorite epic, written by a fellow Capricorn, Lord of the Rings.  I'm not kidding when I tell you I've probably read the trilogy at least 50 times.  I was beyond thrilled when the three movies came out, so deliciously spread out over three years, all for me to gloriously savor and continue to dream about.   

Life as an Offering and Expression of a Great Spiritual Odyssey of Life and Death

Of course I own the extended version, so through the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, I managed to immerse myself (to say the least!) in the movies.  Its become, I must admit, about as satisfying, in its own way, an ploughing through the magnificent books.

When we view and understand, in the depths of our being, ours and everyone's lives as an offering and expression of a great spiritual odyssey of life and death proportions, we ignite our capacity to rise to these occasions and become greater than we ever thought we'd be, than we  were ever capable of being.  Its called development and expansion of consciousness through all presenting key challenges for healing.

Our Deepest Well of Creative, Endlessly Loving and Sustaining Passion

That is our spiritual directive, our ethic, and our best friend.  That is what enables us to extend ourselves greatly to truly be the world's best friend. 

That is what draws from our deepest well of creative, endlessly loving and sustaining passion to experience life in all moments as most unique and magical, filled with paradox and needless suffering, extending opportunities to find the call of the light and adventure through darkness in inner and outer fellowship to experience the universe's next chapter.

May the force be with you, and with your spirit . . .