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January 2008

The Centering Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself and Create Your Dreams

The Centering Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook You Pay: $14.97 (+$1.50 shipping and handling) This is a how-to book which invites completion of your Self. It is an offering of personal development which occurs through journeys of inner healing. The... Read more →


See what other professionals, experts, and general public have said about Marjorie Baker Price, and /Centering Tools™ services and products for self-healing and development "Margie, how can I thank you for the remarkable skill, caring and insight you use with... Read more →

Success! Create Your Best Future

Success! Create Your Best Future Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 You can define your heart’s dreams for you to achieve and create your most wonderful life through this transformational guided meditation and hypnosis audio. What do you most want in life?... Read more →

Stop Smoking Forever

Stop Smoking Forever! Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 You can build and sustain your motivation to stop smoking permanently through the powerful support and guidance offered in this wonderful guided meditation and hypnosis audio. Relax, clarify and develop your goals to... Read more →

Release Pain!

Release Pain Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 Pain wears us down, increases stress, and interferes with all levels of life function. This acclaimed guided meditation hypnosis audio gently, deeply moves you to a place of deep relaxation where you can release... Read more →

Relax! Freedom from Stress

Relax! Freedom from Stress Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 Stress is a killer. Break away from the power of stress to destroy, and rebuild yourself and your life from a new place of ease rather than dis-ease, empowerment rather than eroded... Read more →

Recovering Your Inner Child

Recovering Your Inner Child Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 You can heal and develop despite childhood trauma and woundedness to recover your inner child through this wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio. Your inner child will in turn restore trust, wonder, creative... Read more →

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 Have you ever felt you’ve lived other lifetimes? Experience your soul’s record of extended healing, development and completion to extend healing, creation and development in this lifetime through this transformational guided meditation hypnosis... Read more →

Loving Your Unborn Child

Loving Your Unborn Child Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 This wonderful guided meditation hypnosis audio is for about-to-be-parents: You can open a channel to extend your ability to lovingly communicate with your unborn child, and express and energetically transmit your tremendous... Read more →

Lose the Weight

Lose the Weight Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 Successful weight loss requires successful body-mind partnership. This powerful guided meditation hypnosis audio will release stress, return clarity, build self-esteem, and heighten motivation. You will “go the distance” to develop and sustain your... Read more →

Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition Physical: $13.97 .MP3: $9.97 You can develop and use your intuition to receive key insights, access greater healing, accelerate spiritual development, and unleash your creative potential. This special two-part guided meditation hypnosis CD opens and extends your... Read more →