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Reading Your Writing

One of my clients recently wrote a blog entry that refers to my women's group.  You can go here to read the original post on her blog, Wonders of Writing, but with her permission I posted it here as well.   I enjoyed this post very much and I think you all would too!


Reading Your Writing

Who wants to read your writing out loud to a group?

I never did. I would run the other way. But why should I be scared? It was all my words and thoughts after all. If I can write them down, I can say them out loud.

I was invited to a writing group to do just that the other day. I was new to this group and this group was new to me. One reason for my newness happened because the membership rules were relaxed of late to allow 'youngsters' in the group. I was in numbers, half the age of the other ladies.

There is something to be said for gaining age. I am so glad I am the age I am now, and hope to always feel this way about my age. It is only with age, you can have experience, reflection, and hopefully, wisdom. But at the same time, there was something about being in this group, that for me, did not make me feel young. I felt, in some ways, on par with some of the ladies there.

But how could I have anything in common with these ladies twice my age? It was all about the writing. But it was really all about what we were writing about! The theme of the day seemed to be 'how to say no' and not feel guilty. What woman, or person for that matter man or woman, doesn't struggle with that!

On Oprah the other day, her guest was Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the New York Times best seller Eat, Pray, Love. Many women in the audience agreed that one of the lessons they learned from her book was how to say no. The book written by a 30 something- like me- had a message that spanned across ages, generations and even cultures. How do we say no and feel good about it?

I will leave that question for you to answer in contemplation. Back to the group experience. Being in the group and reading out loud was a good experience for me. I admit as I read, I was nervous, I could even feel my insides twitching. But, it was good to just let it out!

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