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Shamanism: Spiritual Journey of Empowerment

Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men

The Tiny Light Emerging from A Great Darkness

Its here once again - Christmas.  Its particular vision, a spiritual metaphor emerging from its ancient solstice roots (today, as a matter of fact!) - that celebrate a tiny light emerging from a great darkness, promises peace on earth, good will towards men, with one big qualifier - humanity is asked to make that commitment - and so far - well, 'ya think its happened, even a little bit?

One must be able to respond - accept responsibility - to prioritize this 100% commitment.  I personally don't think we're at the level of consciousness to do this.  One doesn't, as the saying goes, have to be a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion, just read the headlines and listen to the news - not to mention, be honest with the thoughts that typically go through our heads and the feelings that typically go through our hearts and our guts.

Opposite Sensations from Hellfire and Damnation

When was the last time you felt, within your own inner universe, corresponding peace and good will as a radiating force everywhere your consciousness could travel?  I feel these sensations all the time, along with a whole lot of opposite ones. 

The English language carries these oppositional clues very well.  For example, spell "devil" backwards.  I challenge you to come up with a clearer, cleaner (no religious threats of hellfire and damnation allowed!) definition of that word.

A Great Light Illuminating an Erased Darkness

Peace on earth, good will towards men would, as if in the wink of an eye, revolutionize our world.  What a wonderful daydream, to contemplate this multidimensional evolution that would instantly put an end to violence and place us all on an equally caring, unconditionally loving and affirming level with each other - all/one, as it were.

The thought comes to me that the result would produce a great light fully illuminating an erased darkness.  Solstice complete, promise fulfilled, as we are finally able to respond, accordingly.

The Worthiest Commitment

What other commitment is worthy of our tender hearts, our strong souls, our creative, transcending minds?  Time heals all wounds, so the saying goes, providing we allow it to exquisitely carry us to the courageous core of admitting to ourselves and the world what we really must protect ourselves from - being lesser than. 

What does the sensation of being at peace feel like?  How does your body respond?  What do your thoughts express?  Can you catch a moment of this experience?  Can you dare to record it? 

Inner Peace as a "Full-Circle" Offering

I challenge you to dare to seek your own sensation of peace.  It  is what I call a "full-circle" offering - the most amazing present we can create, which returns us to being maximally aware of who we are and what we are - spiritual beings of multidimensional consciousness - endlessly, wholly existing in a free present.

Good Will aligns your ability to respond as it allows your real circle of power to emerge.  It, in turn, as the Book of Genesis in the Bible reminds us, fuels creation, which extends through all connections, all possibilities.  That is my offering and challenge to spiritually-centered You this Christmas on the ancient Solstice - to be responsible, in transforming yourself, to correspondingly care for the world.

Return to the Flow Through Sacrificing the Wounded, Clinging Ego

What exactly is the "price" one pays for this oppositional shift in global consciousness?  Only the sacrifice of the wounded, clinging ego, living backwards. 

Are you thinking and not quite admitting, then what's left?  Back to You, the Great Spirit, free to partner with the All That Is to return to the flow and create your great, unfolding life.