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Cycle of Completion

Making Sense Out of Year's End

We are coming to the end of our annual 365-day cycle in a few short weeks amidst our great holiday flurry, meant and pushed in many culturally-driven ways to complete whatever, for us, meaningfully constitutes this year.  I saw a client around this time years ago who uncovered what I was moved to title "a terror of completion".

I don't think we do completion well in our culture.  Perhaps we associate it with death, which, we fear, might just mean total annihilation.  This core fear drives us to addictions of all kinds, as well as greed, which continues to explode in our world and, saddest of all, sanctioned violence - for "it's never enough".

The Central Challenge to the Terrible Well of Societal Paranoia

Completion centrally challenges that terrible well of paranoia that continues to poison our society, for the truth of the matter is, completion is enough, end, finish . . . the period at the end of the sentence - the book that closes.  I see this as a central challenge to accept, which happens to be the end stage of grief.

Acceptance can only occur from a center of trust.  When we are wounded, trust blows apart, and we are driven spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically to become Humpty Dumpty, forced to endure, in all corresponding pain, the useless phases of the tale:

We Become Humpty Dumpty

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall" - the "wall"  can represent our karma, our woundedness from childhood, our ego . . .

"Humpty Dumpty had a great fall" - the "fall" in spiritual terms at its greatest level represents the Fall from Grace and all that it implies and produces, like the story of the Garden of Eden in the Bible . . .

"All the king's horses and all the king's men/Couldn't put Humpty together again" - we strive mightily to "put ourselves back together" the way we were and presented ourselves before our Fall, but it is not possible.  What is possible is to "rise to the occasion" presented by this crisis, however it translates in your life, to face the challenge to accept what has happened, and let the completion of the cycle of grief bring its own healing and resolution.

Transcendence through the Soul's Challenge for Healing and Development

It's interesting to note that we are so conditioned to make New Year's resolutions.  Can you consider wrapping up your year as if you were Humpty Dumpty, who embraces the "P.S." after the end of the nursery rhyme as a soul challenge to accept, in order to experience core healing and development?

What would your review of this year look like in those terms?  This kind of review becomes a most courageous journey which does not lead us to a dead end - quite the opposite.  We can never predict what our "re-solution" will be, which forces us to integratively trust.

As trust returns, so can we recover our freedom to be fully present to begin a new cycle from a place of wholeness, clarity and spiritual power, seeing all others in the same light, with the same potential - and yet, expecting nothing.  I offer a poem I wrote many years ago to speed you on this journey, with my heartfelt wish for you to receive a full, amazing, miraculous journey of completion through this holiday season.

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The Last Great Journey

They say the last great journey

Is the one into your own consciousness

To give the gift to Your Self and Others

Is to ride that wave courageously

Surrendering tiny light

Into great darkness

Finding new light once again

In the shimmering fabric of your soul

Your tall laughing Soul

Your great emerged Self

As Beggar


Singer of story songs

You can rest at long last

Giving thanks

As I do to You

For all the light You’ve given me

Godspeed in these holy-daze

Know Your Self

Be Your Self