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Info on herbal medicines

Herbal medicine is something that interests me but it isn't an area of specialization. I've got some anecdotal experience with them.  For instance, my son took some Chinese herbs for  type 1 diabetes and his control became noticeably tighter.   

Some of you may share an interest with me in herbal medicines, and I've only just begun to harness the internet to gain additional insight into this area.

One informative site is  It has a ton of articles and covers a wide array of topics relevant to herbal medicine.  Topics range from the general ( 'how to buy herbal medicine') to condition-specific (e.g. herbal remedies for Alzheimer's).  The site also contains information on herbal medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, anxiety and much more.

It's easy to navigate and the articles are well-written and easy to read.  Certainly a "user-friendly" site, so feel free to check it out.