Integrative Tarot for Self-Healing and Spiritual Development
Welcome to the Crone-Grandmother and the Rebirth of the Divine Feminist

Rebirth Through the Sacred Center

A Surefire Path to Self-Healing and Empowerment/Development

The day after tomorrow  my daughter is scheduled for a necessary Ceasarean, expecting to deliver her first child, a son.  I have the good fortune to be there for the next several days, experiencing this transformation in my life, in hers, and in my family's. 

I realize, among a torrent of insights, that being able to experience extending living with others is a surefire path to self-healing and empowerment/development.  The only way to balance that is to stay in touch in the most intimate way with your inner self.

Our Creative and Spiritual Need to Embrace the Solitary

I spent this morning in that altered meditative state – it’s been too long, and the need to “zone” has built and built until, as it exploded, it revealed to me just how fragmented I’ve become.  At this moment above all others, I want to offer myself whole. 

It is a creative need, I think, to be so driven to embrace the solitary, as well as a spiritual need; and it is the need of the Self to love and embrace the self through reentering its own sacred womb.  What would happen if we all began by deeply, unconditionally listening to ourselves, finally surrendering to being wholeheartedly swept away by our own freed spirits?  (Minus, of course, the “do, do, do”, which I could spell another way, speaking of the connotation of bullshit.) 

Establishing Space to Transcend

Establishing space to listen brings peace, freedom, love, and support that, because it doesn’t appear to exist in the physical world, transcends it.  To establish these right relations most intimately with ourselves and our world allows us to stand firm on our own spiritually rooted ground with our own completing spirits. 

Who we are  is what we are, is our response-ability . . .  is all that we can offer to present ourselves in the world.  This little unseen ray can transcend a whole great world fraught with violence, captivity of many kinds, and uncaring, alienated behaviors that cut and fragment us and ripple throughout our lives, politics, economics . . . 

New Birth through Essence Rhythms

We have this day, this present, this first day of our reborn, sacred lives to speak to ourselves lightly, gently, without hurry, pulling an occupation of inner harvesting into this newly opened fall season  – to “sit” – “set” – alone – all/one.  It’s about rhythm, I think, reestablishing rhythm to begin again, entering an unfilled circle with just ourselves to stretch, speak, and soar.

Here is a guided meditation I've created to be able to center and soar through returning to your sacred essence rhythms.  We can - and always do - come full circle to our own light womb and, in reconnecting, rebirth.

A Centering Meditation

Settle back, open your body so your body feels very comfortable, very relaxed, close your eyes and imagine how easily you can direct your breath to deepen.  As you begin to sense the flowing rhythm of your deepening breath, count to yourself ten full, deep breaths, feeling more and more relaxed with every breath you take.

Observe your sensations after you have finished counting.  Check in with your sense of your body and your mind.  Now imagine your breath is like a cascading waterfall flowing down and down, deep and deeper still, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, filling up your body and your mind in its endless rhythm with life-giving air and oxygen, more and more with every breath you take.

Let Go . . . Let Be

Now focus on the endless, flowing rhythm of your exhaled breath, imagining how easily your exhaled breath sweeps up and removes any tension, stress and blockage that exists anywhere inside your being.  Imagine how your body and mind seem lighter and lighter, clearer and clearer, until it seems you are just an endless part of the cascading waterfall of flowing energy that is your endless breath.

Now count five full, deep breaths.  With every breath you take, say to yourself these words, LET GO . . . LET GO.  Observe your sensations throughout your body and mind as you let yourself just be with the endless, flowing, even rhythm of your light, cascading breath.

Rebirth in the Sacred Center

Now imagine you can ask your flowing breath to take you deep and deeper still inside your being to your center.  Imagine your breath knows exactly where your center is, and will now effortlessly take you there. 

This occurs, and you are now completely, wholly in your center.  Experience whatever happens now, letting yourself just be in your center, continuing to observe your sensations.

Extending Your Sacred Circle

When you feel complete with this experience, imagine how easily you can direct your flowing breath to bring you so lightly and freely back and back, up and up, feeling very balanced, very clear, until at last you gradually return to full waking consciousness.  When you are ready, open your exercise, stay for a few moments with this sense of tremendous well being, centeredness, clarity and balance, and open your eyes.

Welcome to rebirth!  How magnificent that we can complete and extend our own sacred circles . . . for me, the day after tomorrow, another generation.