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October 2007

The Power of Feminine Support - enter the "Jane Austin Book Club"

My Latest Favorite Chic Flick A couple of weeks ago I knew it was once again time for me to beat a quick, definitive path to the nearest movie theater alone, to catch the latest chic flick that caught my... Read more →

A True Buzz Word

What is Spirituality Anyway? This was the topic "discussed" at a meeting I attended recently of holistic health care practitioners. I became more and more disquieted by the discussion because it felt to me that much of what it quickly... Read more →

Welcome to the Crone-Grandmother and the Rebirth of the Divine Feminist

Crone as Grandmother I became a grandmother October 4, 9:28am to Ethan Antonio, weighing 9 lb, 9 ounces. A swift rite of passage, this - another dimension to a full, loving life with all its joys, gift, challenges and tragedies... Read more →