Intimacy – A Love Letter to Your Soul
Honor is Acknowledgment

There’s Only an Endless Present . . .

Can You Unconditionally, Attentively Stay Present with Your Feelings?

 How able you are to unconditionally, attentively stay present with your feelings extends to how easily you can channel your intuition for any higher purpose.

We live in a culture that has critically conditioned us for thousands of years to run from our feelings; and, in running, to feel forced to stuff, manage, fix, and further manipulate our heartfelt sensations.

Feelings are the Crucial Key to accessing Your Intuitive Power

Feelings are the crucial key to accessing your intuitive power. Try this experiment, and see what happens to further develop and enhance your intuitive ability:

Spend several moments several times a day over these next two weeks closing your eyes, deepening your breath, and checking in with your feeling sensations. In this deeper meditative state, ask yourself, “How do I feel?”, and have paper and pen handy to simply record your feelings. 

No conclusions, no evaluations - just your feelings.

“My Feelings Say . . .”

After two weeks of doing this experiment, then complete this next exercise for the next two weeks after you check in with yourself about how you are feeling. Complete, then, the following sentence by writing whatever pops into your head: “My feelings say . . .”

Following this two-week period, set aside some uninterrupted time to review all you have written over the course of the month’s “experiment”.

Your gift of Self-Love

Insights will flow. Your intuition will speak to you. 

Enjoy the gift of Self-love and all its fruits, including igniting your power to share your gift with others!

A Poem of Freedom

I wanted to share this poem which emerged for me through this experiment:

"Ornaments of Freedom"

By: Marjorie Baker Price, copyright 2007


There is this aspect of Freedom
I hold it in the palm of my hand
Papery thin
It seeps through like
Grains of ancient sands

It calls for me
Beckons me
In the softly hushed whispers of a dream-like slide show

And I open to receive its delicate caress
Its soothing glassy exteriors
daintily displayed in a
pristine convex universe

I glance and behold



A tiny spark, after all
Enough to ignite the world.


I invite you to share your inspirations.