Honor is Acknowledgment
One Day’s Universe

Opening Your Spirit


When we are moved to take spiritual stock, we are naturally moved to ask for and be open to receive blessings.  We are then further stimulated to seek to give and, in our heart of hearts, trust and honor our power to share.

An Inner Journey

Here is an inner journey that you can do to ignite your capacity to receive through your own opened spirit.

Close your eyes, deepen your breath, and settle back into a comfortable position.  Imagine your breath carries you easily and effortlessly into your heart.

Ask Your Heart What it Most Wants

Listen and write down whatever the answer is (this may come in pictures as well as words).  Then write this answer in the form of a question.

With your nondominant hand (the hand you don’t write with) imagine a wise, loving higher being speaks to you.  Write down whatever comes up in response as the answer to your question. 

When you have finished, close your eyes for a moment and say “thank you”, and simply stay present for a few moments with your sensations.

Record Your Experience

When you’re ready, open your eyes and record whatever you want about your whole experience.  Then reread your answer. Consider one choice you can make through this experience of renewal to begin giving and receiving this direction. 

Commit to carrying out this choice, and record the results.

Trust is Our Key Recovery Challenge

In a world that screams to us in so many ways of what is not trustworthy, we have been increasingly caught up in a corresponding sense of doubting our own worth, our own inherent spiritual power and our own fundamental center of courage.

As you determine and become clear about what in your heart of hearts you know are courageous choices you can make, and as you see you can survive these choices, so do you recover trust and your power to receive your heart’s desires . . . for you recover your power to create them.

It is Time to Celebrate . . .

. . .  your power to renew yourself and your choices.  In this way you learn how to transform your experience as you seed the full flowering of your spirit’s desires.