Opening Your Spirit
The “Center” of Centering®

One Day’s Universe

Sometimes I like to reflect, in as many meaningful dimensions that I can consider, the emerging themes that seem to present themselves in the course of a day-evening working with clients. Today this is what emerged, in the order in which it now presents itself to me:

Shame is a “lock-in” that forces us to belong in a place of perpetual victimization.  Powerlessness fuels it, and so we erroneously conclude there is no way out other than to ceaselessly blame . . . anyone, anything and ourselves. 

There are no Guarantees

The cry here is to forgive, and correspondingly accept.

Because there are no guarantees and we can only count on perpetual change in our lives, when we face reality we become very present with whatever environmental rhythms we find ourselves in. The challenge is to synchronize with them.

The Healing Power of Acknowledging Feelings

When, for whatever reason, we refuse to be fully present, we are thrown into a no man’s land of “empty”.  Anybody would freak in a space like that, so what is the confusion about in “not knowing what’s going on here?” 

It’s far better to simply acknowledge the feeling, trusting we’ll survive.

There is no Waiting

I did a lot of hands-on-healing today.  I worked with people with life-threatening illness, and listened to a lot of desperately honest self-questions in the face of realizing “there are no guarantees” about life, and so there is no “waiting” for – whatever – it doesn’t matter. 

This is All There Is.

Our Capacity to extend Beyond the Known

I found myself asking, where does visioning fit in?  It is not delusion, not illusion – just our capacity to extend beyond the known, allowing a heartfelt desire to show itself in our opening consciousness. That is magic, and where all “cutting edge” shifts occur with our own corresponding unique, unfolding process.

At this time of still struggling with somehow finding myself looking, as if with a microscope, at every area of my life from a place of “not knowing”, and amazingly enough, continuing to be willing to face the terror of that and find myself strangely comfortable with whatever happens, I can at last safely admit that I Don’t Know.

The Circle is Complete for Revealing

Its a relief, and puts me on equal ground with all others.

The circle is complete, and a new direction can finally reveal itself to and for me.