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There’s Only an Endless Present . . .

Intimacy – A Love Letter to Your Soul

Opening Your Power to Receive

With great love, affection, and heartfelt wishes to correspondingly receive, as you seize your own authentic power to experience and create, all that composes intimate connecting with your spirit, here is my love letter to you: Do we know the meaning of the word “intimacy” in our culture? Do we know the meaning of the word “love”? How about the word “soul”?

The Soul’s Love Letter

What if you were to write a love letter to your soul now? WRITE NOW. Right now.

The Space of No-Thing

We enter the space of no-thing . . . it is the abyss which yawns open, begging us, only extending itself to us, really . . to enter. But the black whole is taboo, we say here – now – and for all those thousands of years . . . and yet, the womb, the womb, the softest root which sustains us, envelops us, it is our world, our connection . . . and now, we run from it.

The Fear to Love

From in-ti-macy - - the word rolls off the tongue (it seems to make sense rhythmically, doesn’t it?) But I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m AFRAID (what if I find out there is no me as I’ve felt all along – so there has to be a YOU – a you who cares for me, makes up for me, covers for me, does for me (is me? Oh, no!) We must find love, seek love BE love, only love (but we can only be who we are, what we are – is that acceptable? Is that adequate?) We are so afraid to find out.

A Space for Loving BE loving.

That is the choice, the only choice, it skips, laughing from my mouth, runs ever so lightly, freely like a dancer through the heart and back to the soul, who opens to receive it like a mother embracing her child - - - What would it take for me, for you, to drop everything - and find a space for loving?

All That Lasts

Do we know where that space is? Can we feel it? It is only who we are and what we are, all that we have, really, all that lasts, all that we reach for . . .and we know the poor seconds to that love – money, societal status and social/economic position . . . and what else? All that I am afraid of, that I worry about at night when the lights are out and I descend into the blackness of my own bed, my own thoughts . . . they say children sleep unafraid (do our children sleep unafraid?)

How Do I Keep Myself from Loving?

We could ask, how do I keep myself from loving? What do I hate most about another? That is what most cries out within me to be loved. Loss of love terrorizes us, crumbles us, our spirits flee. It is the sacred marriage between all working elements within the self - the intuitive/the analytical, the mother/the child, the happy/the sad, the creator/the destroyer, the hero/the villain, the past/the future selves, the masculine/the feminine – this kaleidoscope of dualities, opposites, that keeps the center, the evolution, the balance.

Consciousness Transcends

Over this past year I continue to find more working parts to myself. There is a sense of being ‘filled in’ in a way that clearly transcends, at long last, what does or doesn’t happen to me, those I love and those I have lost, even to the world around me. I am here.

I Am Loved

I am here. How relieved and endlessly grateful I am to say this, to finally know this! Because I am here and I know I am here, I am loved. My consciousness knows I am loved, and it sends love in return to: *my past *my unfinished present *all possible futures *no futures *all others, without qualification, without fear.

What is, IS

No more. No less. I accept. It is enough. I AM ENOUGH.

Erasing Cultural Conditioning

How much cultural conditioning, thicker than the last great ice sheets enclosing the earth’s polar caps, does this fly in the face of? For the minute we say this, and know, in every cell of our being, in every fabric, every connection of our lives, every nuance of our thoughts, we have broken our karma – our karma of fear and conditioning around separation, violence, and limitation – and we are free. Free to love. Free to love even our soul – our patient, indestructible, shimmering soul, and to love one another NO MATTER WHAT. What we do or don’t do, who we are or are not, has nothing to do with love.

Love is a Given

It simply IS. “I am that I am”. This translation of the central Judeo-Christian prayer is a blessing. Ask for blessings in your life and you are asking for love.

Love is a Reflection of the All That Is

Ask for love in your life as you would ask to see a reflection of what already is. And so we write a love letter to the soul as an exploration of intimacy. There is no risk, only acknowledgment. So mote it be. Shalom (peace be with you, and with your spirit), and blessings.