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A Healing Obsession

Accessing Your Vision

Imagination is Everything

Imagination, says Einstein, is everything.  Our imagination is how we envision. 

When we know how to access our inner vision we are able to connect with our core, and our true spiritual essence is free to inspire and greatly touch us.  How can we do that? 

The Road to Envision

The following guided meditation and journaling exercise offers a multidimensional “road” to that end through your chakras, understood to be energetic centers located up and down the spine, all the way to the top of your head.  Explore whatever your sense of your heartfelt vision is for your life however your imagination leads you, and see what happens!

Think of your vision as a shimmering bubble of fine energy emerging from your mouth as you lightly exhale your breath.  This is the release of your spirit.

Your Vision is a Seed of Light

Feel your vision planted as a seed of light, a radiant gift from spirit, in the deepest, most loving core of your heart, like a seed implanted in a womb of energy. 

Then feel a spiritual cord from your heart to your crown chakra, an energetic center at the top of your head, through which your guides in the higher realms speak to you.  Imagine how they completely envelop you and send you love, clarity, and higher thought. 

The Emotional Core of Your Vision

Ask your heart what it wants and needs to be set free.

This is the emotional core of your vision.

The Mental Core of Your Vision

Ask your mind, your intellect what it needs to ignite passion and begin a dance of power.

This is the mental core of your vision.

The Physical Core of Your Vision

Ask your body what it can joyfully, easily support and run with as a stretch and opportunity to remake itself along lines of light.

This is the physical core of your vision.

You Are a Vision from Spirit

See yourself as a vision from spirit. 

Imagine you can view your life as a vision from spirit.  Journal your impressions, as well as the following:

A Spiritual Opportunity to Create Your Dreams

Your work…..



Your relationships…..



A Spiritual Opportunity to Extend and Grow

Your play…..



Your environment…..



See All Others as Visions from Spirit

See through your guides’ eyes all others as visions from spirit  (as in the story of Genesis, “God created…..”)

Hold your vision as a chalice, a Holy Grail, in your hands, and when you’re ready, imagine yourself drinking it.  Feel it grow, spreading and taking shape all around and through your being.

Let Your Vision Birth Itself

Then feel it birth itself….take shape in multidimensional relationship to you.  Let yourself resonate with it along what feels like a synchronistic vibrational frequency. 

Then let it go, understanding now that you have released it so that it can lead you as its call to service.

Loving Alignment with the All That Is

Consider the following directive, and record your impressions:

It is openness….which comes from willingness….which comes from trust….which comes from freedom….which comes from awareness….which comes from spirit….which leads us full circle back to the dream from whence we emerged….that creates and completes pathways of evolving beingness, creative consciousness, and alignment with All That Is…of which we are a loving part.

Our Primary Directive – to Dream and Create

There is only and endless present, and that present is filled with love.  Therefore, create and dream.

And dream…..and create.