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What is Centering? (as a practice)

You can heal yourself and your life, achieve your dreams, integratively and spiritually empower yourself, and evolve toward greater wholeness to make yourself and the world a better place through Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development, a unique holistic practice founded by Marjorie Baker Price in 1987 in Rochester, New York, based on the premise that all healing and happiness comes from unleashing our integrity and creative spirit through our own inner center.

We know when we feel centered. Our life works, we are in a place of peace, trust and freedom, and we easily and naturally create. Our unleashed creativity brings insight, release, clarity, and ease rather than dis-ease. This is the foundation of mind-body healing and integrative empowerment.

The unique tools of Centering that unleash our healing and creative potential, and free our innate spirits to bring forth our heart's desires in the world, include these tools that Marjorie has additionally and originally extended and developed:

  • Relaxation, visualization, guided meditation, and hypnotherapy

  • Behavioral and regression therapies

  • Grief completion as spiritual and mind-body healing, and forgiveness

  • Therapeutic and spiritual journaling practices for heightened awareness, insight, empowerment and self-healing

  • Archetypal and shamanic healing practices

  • Intuitive and spiritual counseling and development practices

  • Dream work, including lucid dreaming

  • Spiritual and lifestyle coaching and recovery counseling including inner child, codependency and breaking addictions

  • Reiki, therapeutic and compassionate touch therapies, and intuitive energetic healing practices

  • Holistic conflict resolution, heightened motivation, unleashing creative potential, and whole life achievement practices

Centering works for individuals, couples, children, adults, and organizations. As we heal and develop, so do we extend and become amazing leaders and artists through our unfolding lives, for whatever we are led to create for ourselves and all to whom we wholeheartedly commit, in the world we live in. Centering births inner visions from our core that support, protect, inspire, uplift and make us whole again, greater than we were before, from our inner center of recovery, healing, freedom and peace.

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